Five Chili Recipes for Your Next Cookout

Chili is a delicious, stick to your ribs meal that we frequently associate with fall and winter. But, it’s also a staple of any good cookout. Cookouts can be a minefield for people with blood sugar concerns. From the carb-dense hotdog and hamburger buns, to sugary baked beans and desserts, it can be hard choosing a meal at a summer party. Some chili recipes call for sugar and beans that can add a lot of carbs to your plate. While beans can help you manage blood sugar, once they are added in with everything else, it can all become too much to handle. No one should have to skip the chili. Today, we have five great chili recipes that you can enjoy! Our rules for picking were simple: fewer than 10 carbs, under 400 calories and delicious!

Low-Carb Beef Chili


This recipe is pretty mild, so it’s a hit with kids and people who like their chili without too much of a kick. Of course, you can adjust it with cayenne or any other spice in your kitchen. We love that this recipe has 316 calories and only eight grams of carbs. That way we can focus on the time we spend with friends and family instead of on our blood sugar. Get the recipe here.

Keto Chili


We like this dish that has a little more kick than the last. With a diced jalapeno — seeds and all — this recipe is more grown-up than the previous. And, if you have a crowd that likes it really spicy, you can add other peppers to the pot! With 357 calories and nine grams of carbohydrates, this chili deserves its spot at the picnic table. Get the recipe here.

Slow Cooker No-bean Chili


Sometimes, in the summer, it is too darn hot to turn on the stovetop and cook over it. That’s when we most appreciate our slow cooker! You brown the meat, onions and garlic in a skillet then dump everything into your slow cooker and walk away for four to eight hours depending on your settings. With seven grams of carbohydrates and 363 calories per serving, everyone will enjoy this recipe at your next gathering. Get the recipe here.

Slow Cooker Kickin’ Chili


Without broth and marinara sauce, this ends up being both lighter and a lot less liquid than the other slow cooker recipe. It comes down to your preferences. If you like a soupy chili, this one isn’t for you. But it does follow the same great pattern: brown up the meat and then swap everything to a slow cooker so that you don’t end up sweating over your stove! With 137 calories and fewer than five grams of carbs, we’re smitten with this dish! Get the recipe here.

10 Minute No Chop Chili 


This is our favorite recipe of the week. Chili is something to prepare before the party; it takes at least an hour. But, no one wants to spend too much time in the kitchen on a warm day. That’s the genius of this version. All you do is brown the meat, drain the fat and add the spices and a salsa of your choosing. Then simmer for five minutes! Be sure to pick your salsa well: some contain hidden sugar. The recipe is presented using Pace Mild. With 229 calories and two grams of carbs, this chili a great choice. If you like wetter chili, increase the amount of salsa. Get the recipe here.

We hope these recipes are a hit at your cookout! They’re so good, no one will miss the beans.

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