Apps to Help You Eat Better

When it comes to changing our diets, most of us will take all the help we can get! Some of us like to write in notebooks. Some people like shopping lists. Some folks like following diets. Others like leaning on friends for support. Apps are a relatively new tool in healthy eating. Today, we’re looking at some of the best free apps that can help you as you try to work on attaining and maintaining a healthier diet.

If you are looking for a diet app, there are tons. WW, Noom, MyFitnessPal and more all have diet apps. MyFitnessPal’s is free. There are ups and downs to all of them. This blog isn’t about diet apps as much as it’s about apps that teach you to have a relationship with your food and the way you eat.

Nourishly is an excellent option. It helps you track your hunger, sleep, activity and emotions. It’s designed to help you see patterns and aid you in building a relationship with food and your body. You can also set goals inside the app.

There are great apps to help you learn about mindful eating as well. Paying more attention to what you’re eating, enjoying your food more and thinking about how you feel before and after your meal can help you make better choices. These apps aren’t about following a diet but, instead, about shifting your diet’s course. Positive Psychology’s Guide to Mindful Eating teaches you about mindful eating as a beginner and teaches you how to practice it in your daily life. It has worksheets, exercises and tips to help you on your way.

Am I Hungry is an app that helps you focus on why, what and when you’re eating as well as how much you eat and where you eat. Noticing these patterns in your daily life can help you see problems and make healthy changes and swaps. Maybe you need to stop snacking in front of the TV or suggest that your friends meet somewhere other than the coffee shop. We all eat at times when we aren’t hungry; this app helps you pay attention to that more easily and change your behavior.

The Center for Mindful Eating has an app filled with audio files of guided meditations. While some of the mediations are on topics like gratitude and body positivity, many are on eating and behavior around food. This app can be excellent for people who enjoy meditation and breathing exercises.

If you’re someone who thrives with a tracker, Eating Mindfully could be the right app for you. It teaches you a five-step approach to eating. It also helps you track your progress. Another great option for people who like trackers with Mindful Eating Coach 2. It includes a food tracker, educational exercises and questions to help you eat mindfully, thinking about your choices and how you feel before, during and after your meal.

These apps can help you get on a path to a new relationship with food if you have been struggling. Instead of following the strict rules of a diet, they can teach you how to listen to your body and make healthy choices that fit the way you live!

Banner image: Cottonbro via Pexels

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