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Best Inexpensive Gifts for Hikers

If there is something we’ve heard a lot recently, it’s “pipeline problems.” No, we’re not talking about the pipes in our homes. Globally there are problems from manufactures to stores to shipping. Everything is slower. Many people finished their Christmas and holiday shopping early this year to make sure that their gifts would be in stock and would ship in time.

If you haven’t finished and are worried about ordering now, make sure a site has “guaranteed by Christmas.” Or, a better option might be to head to the stores. But, with the pipeline being what it is, they might not have it either. We suggest calling ahead to ensure what you want to buy is in stock and asking them to hold it for you. Another good option is turning to Amazon. They handle their own deliveries they know exactly when your order will be delivered.

It’s always essential to have the right gear when you get out into the great outdoors. Today, we’re looking at some nice last-minute small gifts you can buy for your hiking partner — or yourself! This list comprises stocking stuffers and smaller gifts that are wonderful ways to show you care. They’ll help your loved one (or you) enjoy time outside more without breaking the bank!

Instead of a stocking stuffer of funny socks, some nice hiking socks can offer good ventilation, arch support and moisture-wicking. They might not look as fun, but they will feel great on the trails! If you’re someone gives mittens instead of socks, a pair of heated, anti-slip gloves that are windproof and water-resistant will keep your loved one much more protected than knitted ones. And, you would be surprised that they are less than $15!

A titanium spork is the way to go if you’ve always been a joker with your stocking stuffers. Campers and hikers know the importance of a versatile utensil. This spork is lightweight, comes in fun colors and won’t get broken in a bag while hiking!  While talking about dining on the trails, it’s impossible not to talk about water bottles. We love Nalgene bottles. They used to be expensive, but their big selling point was that they were BPA-free. Now, most water bottles are BPA-free, and their price has decreased over the years. We still own ones that are years old: they take a beating. And, unlike many water bottles, they are effortless to clean. They have a simple lid. Any water bottle with a straw lid or nooks and crannies will grow mold if left in a bag. A Nalgene is so easy to scrub that you don’t have to worry. If you want to give a collapsible water bottle, we suggest one with a similar, simple screw-on lid. Like this one.

Finally, if you’re looking for some “homey” touches, we have suggestions for blankets and lighting. Emergency thermal blankets are for more than wrapping people in at the end of a race. Thermal blankets help you retain 90 percent of your body heat. They also block rain and snow and can be used to make a tent. You can use them for shade, lure fish or scare away birds. In an emergency, you can form them into an arm sling or a tourniquet and use them to catch and carry water. They are incredibly lightweight and exceptionally versatile! If you are more interested in giving a lamp to help provide a campsite some ambiance, this little lantern might be perfect. The collapsible lantern can be solar charged or charged with a USB. You can easily convert it from a flashlight to a lantern, and it will charge your phone! It collapses to the size of a hockey puck. It can also be set to flash in an emergency as a beacon.

Hopefully, this list gives you some last-minute ideas to stop you from scrambling. We weren’t paid to recommend any of these things; read the reviews and look around for your favorite brands. We think we’ve given you a great jumping-off point!

Banner image: Nicolas J Leclercq via Unsplash

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