Better Chewing Helps Blood Sugar

We are always looking for ways to aid blood sugar through behavior and diet. When you have blood sugar concerns, it’s essential to speak to your doctor about your health plan and possible medications. In addition to medication, people can help their blood sugar through better diet, exercise and actions. Sometimes small changes can make a big difference.

A new study found that people who chewed their food well had better blood sugar levels than those who didn’t.

The study used information from 94 people with blood sugar concerns. The researchers compared people who had “good occlusal function” with good teeth that could chew properly to those who were missing teeth and had a harder time chewing. People who couldn’t chew as well had blood sugar that was almost two percent higher. No other variables were found; people weighed the same, had the same likelihood of smoking, took the same medications and so on.

Chewing stimulates the intestines and can aid insulin secretion. Chewing your food more also activates the hypothalamus and helps you feel full faster. And chewing helps release the fiber in food that can help stabilize blood sugar.    

I’m interested in research that can improve people’s health now,” said Prof. Mehmet Eskan of the Univ. of Buffalo.

Helping people get well-fitting dentures to chew better may cause dramatic health improvements in people with blood sugar concerns. An increase of just one percent in blood sugar is linked to a 40 percent rise in heart disease mortality. Even a small rise in blood sugar increases the risk of kidney disease, eye damage, neuropathy and poor wound recovery.  

Being able to change your health through small things matters. This study is a great reminder to chew your food thoroughly. It’s not conclusive as it was so small. However, the results were startling, and it should be studied more. Having said that, if it has been a long time since you visited the dentist, go! Dentists can ensure your teeth are healthy and you can chew well.

If you have been resisting dentures or implants, this study shows that they can help your blood sugar and quality of life. Talking to your dentist about your oral needs might not seem related to your blood sugar health. However, it can make a difference that will help you stay healthy. Plus, being able to chew comfortably will help you enjoy your food and life!

Banner image: Matt Seymour via Unsplash

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