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Blood Sugar Concerns Make Hot Weather Risky

We have reached the time of the year when you’re likely to turn on the radio or TV and hear someone say, “It’s gonna be another scorcher.” We love summer for the long hours of daylight, the fresh produce growing in abundance and the fun activities all around us, but the high temperatures are something we would gladly skip!

For people with blood sugar concerns, hot weather can be more than just irritating. Heat can change blood sugar levels rapidly. Hot weather can dilate blood vessels, leading to low blood sugar. However, dehydration can lead to high. That means it’s important for people with blood sugar concerns to keep an eye on their numbers on hot days.

Blood sugar concerns can cause damage to blood vessels and nerves. That means a person will sweat less and their body won’t temperature regulate as well. People with blood sugar concerns also tend to become dehydrated more easily.

Additionally, heat can damage test strips, monitors and some medications. Keeping them cool and out of the sun is essential so that they can remain reliable and safe.

To avoid high or low blood sugar, it’s essential to stay hydrated, monitor blood sugar, carry snacks and avoid a sunburn and extreme temperatures. Sometimes staying safe in a situation means avoiding it, on sweltering days it’s better to pass up and event and do an activity indoors in a temperature-controlled environment.

Remember, swimming is an excellent form of exercise for people with blood sugar concerns. It’s an aerobic exercise that uses a ton of muscles, is easy on the joints, can aid lung performance and weight loss! It can also help blood sugar levels for up to two days! When days are hot, and you’re getting together with people, steer them all toward a pool where you can stay cool and get some exercise together!

Be sure to pay attention to your blood sugar levels this summer. Prioritize your health and safety. Talk to your friends and family about your health goals. They can think ahead and make plans that fit everyone’s needs. It’s easy to feel like a party pooper, but the people who like you care about your safety. Plus, a lot of people will appreciate someone speaking up. Most people would love to get out of the heat, whether or not they have a medical concern. Anyone can get a sunburn or heatstroke!

The hot days of summer don’t last forever. But they are here for the next few months. While the heat is on, ensure your medical supplies and you stay cool! That way, you can enjoy sunny days safely.

Banner image: sk via Pexels

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