Can Honey and Garlic Help You Lose Weight?

Some weight-loss trends are popular one moment and gone the next. And then there are some that persist, always around. Many people claim that eating garlic and honey will help weight loss. But, is there any truth in it? What does it do to your blood sugar? How does it impact health?

This tip has been around so long that, when we tried to find an origin, we simply couldn’t track it down. People disagree on how you should take garlic and honey other than saying the garlic should be raw. Some say you chop the garlic and mix it. Some claim you steep the garlic in honey overnight and eat just the clove. And others claim it should be a drink. Many swear that this mix is a great way to lose weight.

For people with blood sugar concerns, you should always think twice before adding extra sweeteners to your diet. Honey has a slightly lower GI than refined sugar. But, it can still impact blood sugar. In the amount you would be consuming for this, it probably wouldn’t matter, but we would still advise caution.

While researching the mix of honey and garlic, we kept seeing people call it magic. Words like that always make us pump the brakes. We get concerned when people promise us too-good-to-be-true results. Garlic and honey are both used as health supplements. But that still gives us pause. When someone promises we will “burn belly fat like crazy” without making an effort, we don’t believe it.

There is no scientific proof one way or the other about the mixture. There hasn’t been any research into it. It could work; it could not. People who claim it works when they do it every day might be good at following disciplined rituals and, therefore, sticking to a diet and exercise routine.

Garlic, rich in allicin and other sulfur-containing compounds, can aid weight loss. It can also boost heart health. And both it and honey have antimicrobial properties that may help the immune system. Some small studies have found that honey may aid weight loss when people are swapping it with other, higher-calorie sweeteners. It makes sense that removing other sugars would help you lose weight. But, no studies have found that adding honey on top of your normal diet has helped people.

We wouldn’t call this myth “busted” exactly, but it is far from proven. There is no scientific evidence behind it. It seems to just add sugar to your day. If you are eating one clove of garlic dipped in honey every day, you probably won’t harm yourself. But, there’s also no proof that you will reap any benefits.

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