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Everything is Bigger in Texas

We are so pleased to be rolling into Texas! This far south, we are bound to be enjoying warm weather for the weekend, which is great because we want to get outside. We want to see Hamilton Pool’s emerald green water. There is no lifeguard, but we’ll undoubtedly dip our feet in to cool off! The Odessa Meteor Crater is something we have to see with our own eyes. And, of course, we’ll visit the Caverns of Sonora; they are too beautiful to miss.

As pop culture fans, will stop at the Fort Worth Water Gardens, famously featured in Logan’s Run. And, we’ll visit a Victorian mansion that was designed to be a replica of the Munster’s home, complete with stairs that lift up to enter the basement! When we visit, we’ll be sure to call ahead to check on tour times!

After that, we want to cruise around and take in the unique sights! We’ve all heard that everything is bigger in Texas, and we’re excited about the huge roadside attractions the state has to offer.

Because we are peckish, we’ll first stop by the world’s largest pecan. Unfortunately, it’s not edible, but it’s a great photo! Then we’ll visit the world’s largest squirrel statue, Ms. Pearl. She has a pecan pie vending machine next to her that also has bags of nuts for those of us watching our blood sugar. The vending machine is restocked with fresh pies multiple times a day!

We’re going to Dallas to “see” some amazing things, including the Giant Eye statue. Wandering around the city, we can spot the Traveling Man in several locations. Installed all around the city, different statues show a day in the life of a friendly looking robot.

We’ll head over to San Antonio to visit the Alamo, River Walk and the Tower of the Americas. Then we’ll go see a pair of boots that weren’t made for walking: the world’s largest cowboy boots! To go with those boots, we’ll head to Lampasas, TX, to see the world’s largest spur. And we can’t miss Paisano Pete in Fort Stockton, the second-largest roadrunner on Earth, topping out at 11 feet tall!

We’ve always wanted to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa. We haven’t made it there yet. But, we can visit the Leaning Tower of Texas, a water tower listing to one side as a marketing ploy. The owner of a truck stop had it installed at a precarious angle so drivers would pull over and come inside to warn him it would tip over, and then they would stay for a bite to eat. The truck stop is gone, but we’ll still pull over to take a photo angled to make it look like we’re holding it up!

After driving all over the state to take pictures with giant roadside oddities, we’ll be exhausted, and our car will be filthy. So, we’ll stop at one last giant attraction: the world’s largest car wash. It takes around five minutes for a car to make the journey from the mouth of the tunnel to the other side, where it will be squeaky clean!

It's going to be a great weekend. We hope you ill all get to visit the state soon. If you live there, we'd love to hear your thoughts on our destinations! Email us at

Banner image: michellecramer, Trip Advisor

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