Five Sausage Appetizers You Should Know

Frequently, when thinking of meaty appetizers, people’s minds go directly to bacon. Heck, even we think that way; we have shared bacon-filled appetizer recipes in the past! We wanted to share some delicious sausage appetizers because, while knowing vegetarian options is a must, we’re in a meat mindset.

Our rules for today’s recipes were simple: no more than 200 calories, five grams of carbs max and mouth-wateringly good! Because of our broad rules, we have everything from a dip and meatballs to elegant skewers.

Sausage and Cucumber Bites

This recipe might seem too simple, too easy to share. However, the flavor combination isn’t something you usually see together. At first glance, you might think these are little caprese salad skewers. But they are more interesting than that. They are also the only recipe with the sausage still in its casing, making it very easy to handle. Needing only four ingredients, these bites have 51 calories per serving with 1.6 grams of carbs. The recipe calls for branded ingredients but, obviously, use whatever you like as you combine cucumber, sausage, tomatoes and hummus to enjoy in your kitchen! Get the recipe here.

Sausage Mushrooms

Image: Taste of Home

Shirley Conran said, “Life is too short to stuff a mushroom.” We usually agree, not liking fussy dishes. But we will make an exception on special occasions for this recipe. It uses bulk sausage instead of links and does require you to cook the meat beforehand. However, the mushrooms are great and sure to impress. With only 53 calories and one gram of carbs per serving, it’s hard not to love these! Read the recipe here.

Sausage Balls

Image: Fabulessly Frugal

Sausage balls have always been a favorite of ours. But the Bisquick most recipes require takes them off our menu. This version using almond flour is excellent. Additionally, they can be slapped together and then frozen in ball-form until you’re ready to bake them. With 90 calories and less than a gram of carbs, they are well within our diet and, hopefully, yours too. Get the recipe here.

Cheesy Dip

Image: Funny Facts

Mixing two types of cheese, jalapenos, tomatoes and sausage yields a great dip to feed a crowd. When served with low carb veggies to dip, it’s a slam-dunk appetizer that’s going to please the folks at any gathering. With 183 calories, this is more decadent than the prior recipes. But, its 2.5 grams of carbs mean it won’t impact your blood sugar. See the recipe here.

Sausage Rolls

Image: Officially Gluten Free

Any form of a pig in a blanket is tasty. Sausage rolls, while rarer in America than other parts of the world, are a sophisticated version of the finger food we all love. These are the fussiest food to make on this list — and the highest in calories — but they are worth it if you are in the mood for pastry! Made from cheese and alternative flours, the pastry won’t throw you off your game with carbs. Each serving has two hundred calories but only 4.6 grams of carbohydrates. Get the recipe here.

We hope you enjoy these recipes and would love to hear your thoughts! Email us at

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