Five Stress Reduction Tips for Seniors

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Stress is a part of our lives at all ages. When you’re younger, you may feel stressed because you have to establish your career, manage household chores and ensure you raise healthy children. This is why most of us look forward to our retirement years. We all have pictured blissful days of little or no responsibility.

However, seniors still face stressful situations. For instance, they worry about their declining health, independence and mobility. It’s easier for you to deal with stress. But, as you age, your ability to deal with stress declines. Therefore, it’s important to learn a few stress management techniques to help you cope.

This is why we bring you five stress reduction tips for seniors. These are effective methods of stress management that especially help older people.


According to research, yoga promotes well-being and improves the quality of life. This is especially true when we talk about seniors. It’s a great stress relief tool that has a lot of other physical benefits. Sign up for a 45-minute yoga class thrice a week. This will help you increase your flexibility and make you feel peaceful. If you’re not a big fan of going to a class every day, then you can also hire a personal trainer. In fact, as a beginner, you can watch videos online and learn a few poses without having to leave your house!

Cognitive Puzzles

Thinking games such as solving crossword puzzles or Sudoku provide the mental stimulation that you need. It’s equivalent to “brain exercise.” Since these games demand focused concentration, it provides a distraction for you if you ruminate over stressors. Therefore, make it a point to solve the crossword puzzle from the newspaper at least twice a week. In fact, you can also play high-tech video games or online games!


Did you know that your stress response is triggered less frequently if you meditate regularly? Numerous studies suggest that meditation provides relief from stress. Additionally, it helps build immunity to future stress. It’s an ideal stress reliever for elders because it doesn’t require any physical ability or special equipment. It can be practiced in all kinds of settings.

Talk to a counselor or a trusted friend

Talking to someone close is an excellent way to handle stress at any age. Let others know what you’re going through. Just having someone who can listen to us in times of stress can help us cope with it. If you often feel frustrated, depressed, worried or anxious, then you should join a support group. Open up to others who are on a similar journey. Having a group of people to lean on can make all the difference in our lives.

Listen to your favorite music

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Sit back, relax and tune into your favorite music. According to Healthline, listening to calming music helps lower blood pressure and reduces the stress hormone cortisol. Listen to soothing nature sounds such as ocean waves. Close your eyes and pretend you’re sitting on a beach and enjoying a beautiful day.

Stress in adults can be due to a lot of causes. You may experience stress because of a chronic illness, adjusting to new financial or retirement changes or losing a loved one. Fortunately, these stress reduction tips will help you navigate your life better.

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