Four No-cook Tasty Dinners

There are heat warnings all over the country. We hope you are finding ways to stay cool. One way to sabotage yourself is to turn your oven on!

At this time of year, rotisserie chickens become our best friends! We’ve often written about them. People worry that they aren’t healthy. But, if you read the ingredients, they are just what you would cook at home. In hot weather, we want to keep all the excess heat out of our homes and will gladly accept chicken cooked at the supermarket!

Today, we are sharing four delicious meals that don’t require adding much — if any — heat to your home. You deserve a satisfying meal, even when the idea of turning the oven on fills you with dread!

Stuffed Cucumber Boats


These yummy cucumber boats are stuffed with tasty egg salad. You can buy hard-boiled eggs at the store. But that can be expensive. Hard-boiled eggs only require you to boil water for a few minutes and can be made in advance. We recommend boiling a bunch early in the morning one day and using them for a ton of different recipes during the week. This easy recipe will help you stay hydrated even in the heat with the high water content in the cucumbers. You also get the satisfying crunch that helps you stick to your healthy eating plan. This recipe was written to be a snack, so we recommend eating several servings as a meal. As they suggest, a serving is 95 calories, 3.8 grams of carbs, 0.8 grams of fiber and six grams of fat. Get the recipe.  

The Best Tuna Salad


We’ll be completely honest: we’ve never met a tuna salad recipe we didn’t like. They can be “naked” without mayo, spiced with curry or have a Mediterranean flair, and we’re happy campers! But this version, with different textures and a touch of sweetness, is incredible. It’s great on low-carb bread, in a lettuce wrap or with a salad! It uses Greek yogurt for tanginess and a little apple to make it sweet. The apple adds extra crunch along with the traditional celery and onion! We’re in love, and we think you will be too! A serving has 119 calories, 10 grams of carbs, two grams of fiber and two grams of fat. Get the recipe.

Spicy Shredded Chicken Lettuce Wrap Tacos


This recipe gives instructions for cooking the chicken in a pressure or slow cooker. You can do that. Or, buy a cooked chicken, combine all the sauce ingredients (except the chicken stock), and shred the chicken in that sauce. You will get delicious, sauced chicken without the time and heat of cooking it. It’s topped with an easy homemade guacamole for a perfect Mexican meal at home! A serving has 317 calories, 11.3 grams of carbs, six grams of fiber and 10 grams of fat. Get the recipe.

Chicken Waldorf Salad


People often deride Waldorf salad as being old-fashioned. But it’s a tasty summery dish that deserves a place on your dinner table! It’s an excellent mix of sweet and savory and has a lovely creamy dressing. The crunch of the nuts makes it interesting, and they add healthy fat, while the chicken adds protein and makes it feel like a full meal. This recipe has instructions for poaching a chicken breast. Ignore those and use the chicken you didn’t use in your lettuce wrap tacos! We don’t want any added heat in our homes! We just want to enjoy delicious food. A serving has 236 calories, 17 grams of carbs, three grams of fiber and 10.5 grams of fat. Get the recipe.

We hope these dinners allow you to eat well while trying to avoid the high temperatures. Remember to stay hydrated and be safe as the summer rolls on!

Banner image: Taryn Elliott via Pexels

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