Four Sweet, Low-carb Strawberry Recipes

Yesterday we wrote about how strawberries can help brain and heart health. Eating strawberries daily is hardly a chore! A lovely bowl of fruit is a delicious way to end a meal. Fresh fruit is a perfect healthy dessert as it’s sweet and satisfying, as well as being packed with fiber that helps manage blood sugar.

If you are looking for more ways to enjoy strawberries, look no further. We have you covered with four sweet strawberry recipes you will surely enjoy! These recipes are all low in carbs and not too high in fat. While many low-carb recipes pay no attention to fat content, everyone has different health goals, and many people try to avoid fat when they can. These recipes will help you achieve both goals while still having a sweet strawberry treat!

Keto Strawberry Quick Bread


This bread is perfect for breakfast, a snack or a dessert. It’s also wonderful for people who wouldn’t call themselves bakers. It only has six ingredients! You preheat the oven, mix everything in one bowl and bake. It couldn’t be easier! Keep an eye on it while it’s in the oven. The recipe says it takes 40 minutes to bake, but some reviewers have commented that it took longer, while others said it was done sooner. All ovens are different. A serving has 163 calories, four grams of carbs, two grams of fiber and 15 grams of fat. Get the recipe.

Keto Strawberry Mousse


Some many keto mousse recipes use heavy cream. That makes them decadent but also very high in fat. This one uses coconut cream. That keeps the creaminess, makes it airier, and significantly lowers the fat content. The recipe also uses gelatin, so it isn’t suitable for vegetarians. You could use ground chia in the place of gelatin to make it vegetarian. The gelatin adds stability as the recipe uses so much strawberry puree that the whipped coconut cream isn’t enough on its own to keep the mousse solid. A serving has 149 calories, 6.5 grams of carbs and 14 grams of fat. Get the recipe.   

Keto Strawberry Cupcakes


If you are looking for strawberries on strawberries, this is the dessert for you. The cupcakes use strawberry puree in the batter. The frosting uses both pureed and freeze-dried strawberries to make the flavor shine. But, while these recipes might taste like candy, they are made with almond flour to keep the carbs low and use oat fiber to up the overall fiber content. The oat fiber also helps their texture and gives them the mouthfeel of a traditional cupcake! A serving has 227 calories, seven grams of carbs, four grams of fiber and 19 grams of fat. Get the recipe.

Keto Strawberry Shortcake


Strawberry shortcake is the quintessential summer dessert to us, so it deserves a place on this list. A delicious soft biscuit filled with strawberries and whipped cream brings us right back to our childhoods of playing outside all day. It’s the best way to enjoy fresh strawberries in a dessert because the fruit is the star! The low-carb, slightly sweet biscuits will help you enjoy this classic treat and hopefully make the summer heat bearable! A serving has 224 calories, 8.1 grams of carbs, 3.2 grams of fiber and 17.8 grams of fat. Get the recipe.  

These four recipes should help you enjoy strawberries today and every day. Knowing how much they may aid health means there is even more reason to enjoy this sweet fruit than before!

Banner image: Any Lane via Pexels

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