Four Sweet Treats to Make for Halloween

No child has even been poisoned by a stranger on Halloween. However, hysteria in the 1980s and ’90s means you can’t make treats to hand out to kids in your neighborhood. It’s a shame! We remember the days of candy apples and cookies being handed to us. But you can’t do it today.

Fortunately, you can still share delicious things with those closest to you. When you make your Halloween goodies, you get to control the quality and know the ingredients. There’s no guessing what went into them or factories involved! And, best of all, you can make them low-carb, so you can take the fear out of this spooky holiday! Today, we’re sharing four sweet Halloween recipes for you to celebrate!

Keto Ghost Meringue Cookies


As meringue is made from egg whites and sugar, you may think these will spike your blood sugar sky high. But, made with a carb-free sweetener, they are safe. You get cute ghost-shaped cloud-like meringue cookies that are incredibly low in carbs and absolutely “to die for.” (We had to make the pun!) A cookie has 10 calories and 0.6 grams of carbs. Get the recipe.

Keto Halloween Rice Krispies Treats


We often think of Rice Krispies treats molded and dyed into many forms when we think of Halloween treats. They’re cute and traditional. The problem is that the cereal and the marshmallows make them high in carbs. But, with keto being so popular nowadays, there are low-sugar versions of the cereal on the shelves, and sugar-free marshmallows are widely available! While the recipe calls for dying them orange and drizzling them in chocolate, you can go with whatever spooky design you like! If you Google “Halloween Rice Krispies treats,” you’ll get 100 ideas! A serving has 61 calories and two grams of carbs. Get the recipe.

Keto Halloween Cookies


These are an adorable way to use your gingerbread man cookie cutter before Christmas! Swapping ginger for pumpkin spice makes them fit the holiday. And you can make them mummies or skeletons. The recipe points out that if you try to decorate them as skeletons and it goes wrong, you can just turn them into mummies, and no one will ever know! There is nothing scary about these cute, delicious cookies. If you have them, you can use Halloween-shaped cookie cutters to make ones like in our banner. A serving has 134 calories, three grams of carbs and one gram of fiber. Get the recipe.

Candy Corn Keto Cheesecake Shooters


These individual cheesecakes are incredibly easy to make and really impressive to look at. They’ll be the star of any Halloween celebration. And no one will realize how little time and effort they took! And, also important, they don’t taste like candy corn — we love the look, but how many people really enjoy the flavor of candy corn? These sweet little treats take just 20 minutes to make with only five ingredients! A serving has 75 calories and three net carbs. Get the recipe.

These recipes are all treat and no trick. We hope they help to make your Halloween fun and festive!

Banner image: Monstera via Pexels

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