Get Outside in the Cooler Weather

Last week we wrote about staying indoors if the fires are impacting your air quality. That’s essential for your health! But, if you’re someplace where the air is clear, you may be enjoying cooler weather, and it’s a great time to get outdoors!

Wednesday marked the first day of fall! Your weather might be cooling off. Our weather has been hot here in San Diego, but we know other places are turning crisp. If you’ve been inside to avoid the heat, it’s great to get back into the fresh air! It’s good for your body and mind!

You have far more space to exercise and can enjoy walks with plenty to see, even just around your neighborhood. It’s also great to just meditate, breathe and sit outside. You can connect with yourself and the world and relax more than when you are at home and might be stuck in a rut. It’s starting to be less buggy, so you can enjoy yourself without getting eaten alive!  

The foliage is starting to change color. There are predictions as to what to expect for the leaf-peeping season, depending on where you live in the country. The Midwest is expected to have a stunning fall! If you love the fall colors, be sure to look up the best weekends for a drive around your area to see the trees at the height of their beauty!

For gardeners, now is the time to plant your spring bulbs! A lot of people have become invested in their gardens since the pandemic began. If you are still learning about gardening, it might be surprising that so much of spring’s gardening happens in the fall, but a lot happens underground. Look up your USDA Hardiness Zone, find out what is best for your area, and start planting!

Now is also a great time to gather with friends and family outdoors! If you have been avoiding gatherings for your health, while cookout season might be officially over, it’s not too late for harvest potlucks! Before it gets too chilly for outdoor gatherings, enjoy time together outdoors with plenty of seasonal vegetables!

Visit an orchard to go apple picking. It’s fun for the whole family, and many orchards also have pumpkin patches and great farm stands where you can buy homemade gifts and foods as well. But, any baked goods they have are probably going to be high in sugar! It’s a great day out and a fantastic way to get some exercise.

With a little bit of chill in the air, fall is the time to get back outside and enjoy yourself while the weather is not too hot and not too cold!

Banner image: Dan Freeman via Unsplash

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