How to Decorate to Help You Relax

We spend so much time inside our homes that it’s no surprise they impact our health. Not only does the quality of your home play a role in your physical health, but it also influences your mood. You can help ease stress and enhance well-being through simple interior design hacks that are fast to achieve and don’t break the bank.

We’re going to start by arguing against one thing we see a lot. Some sites will tell you that you must rid your home of “stuff and tchotchkes” or that it must be hidden from sight. Some people do well in empty rooms. Others flourish when surrounded by objects they love. Having that as a hard and fast rule doesn’t make sense. And, what’s more, many of us don’t live in homes with a ton of storage. Articles will show pictures of beautiful empty rooms in gorgeous palatial houses. That doesn’t reflect how most Americans live. What we suggest instead is organizing your stuff and knowing where it is. When the things you need are organized neatly and things you want to display look great, you can relax in your space more easily.

While we think tchotchkes are great if you like them, and don’t think minimalism is the key to happiness, keeping a tidy home is. Getting rid of mail once you don’t need it, keeping your kitchen table clear so you can use it easily and having clean floors all promote calm and a sense of well-being. Being in an untidy space can make it harder to unwind. But tidying as you go can make it manageable.

One fantastic way to improve your space is with a few coats of paint. Soothing shades of neutral colors are easier to relax in than either white or brightly colored rooms. A wonderful, inexpensive way to alter the mood of your home is with candles. Changing the scent of the air can trigger happy memories and soothing thoughts. You can unwind with scent diffusers if you prefer them to candles. You can “decorate” the air of your home so you breathe in and feel safe and comfortable. Another inexpensive way to alter your surroundings is with plants. While potted plants can be expensive, they don’t have to be. They clean the air, can smell delightful and enhance mood.

If your home doesn’t get as much natural light as you would like, there this an excellent trick to add more. Hang a mirror opposite a window, and it will send the rays around the room. Not every home has bay windows or skylights, but everyone deserves as much light as possible. And, buy some nice throw pillows and blankets. In the winter, spring and fall, a cozy blanket can be excellent in the evening. During the day, a blanket is a wonderful decorating element that makes a room look more inviting and homier.

We hope these tips help you make your home more of a haven where you can relax and get away from stress!  

Banner image: Spacejoy via Unsplash

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