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Parks are Ready for the Summer Season

Every summer we give our customers the same advice. We tell you to get out and enjoy great weather. We also warn you that some national parks will be packed.

Kids are breaking up from school, and the sun is shining. That means families will be heading to our beautiful parks for outdoor vacations. We understand the urge; if you don’t mind a crowd, you should join them. However, if you are heading to a spot like the Grand Canyon or Zion, expect parking to be difficult and allow flexibility in your plans. On the other hand, if you hate crowds and go to the parks to get away from people, go to one of the less visited parks.

Five of the least visited national parks are in Alaska. That makes sense! The harder a park is to get to, the fewer people will visit. But don’t worry, there are some quiet, gorgeous spots right here in the contiguous U.S. Michigan has Isle Royale; Washington has North Cascades; Florida has Dry Tortugas; Texas has Guadalupe Mountains; Minnesota has Voyageurs. The list goes on and on of beautiful and less packed spots all over the country.

Americans love our parks. Almost 312 million people visited them last year! The busy parks are ready for visitors. Popular spots like Bryce Canyon start getting ready for spring and summer visitors during the winter.

Bryce Canyon has 78 miles of hiking trails that must be cleared and repaired each spring before visitors can walk on them. Erosion from the winter weather damages the soft limestone paths of the area and causes rockslides. Crews have to help protect the paths by installing ways for the water to drain better. After this year’s particularly rough winter, they used pickaxes and a small bulldozer to rebuild the park’s most famous loop in time to open it by June. Keeping the paths in good shape means visitors will use them, and the park can protect the endangered prairie dogs who call the land home.

Park Rangers are taught first aid, CPR and basic rescue techniques. That means they can help any visitors who get in trouble. In an average year, Bryce Canyon performs around 40 search-and-rescue missions.

Like Bryce Canyon, the other parks have been preparing and are ready for you! It’s important that you are ready for them too. Before heading out to a park, look at its website to know if there is anything you should be prepared for. Some parks are requiring reservations for the summer months to help handle crowds. Knowing when you can go and having your plan in place can make a huge difference and make your trip more relaxing and enjoyable.        

Banner image: Avatar of user digitalarbyter :) via Unsplash

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