Plastic Water Bottles Linked to Blood Sugar Concerns

Our customers do their best to take care of their blood sugar. But, sometimes, the things you do to help yourself can backfire.

Drinking plenty of water can be one way to help keep blood sugar stable. However, a common plastic chemical in water bottles can increase the risk of blood sugar concerns. According to new research, people given small amounts of Bisphenol A (BPA) for just four days developed significantly worse insulin sensitivity. (

We were surprised to see that reducing BPA exposure, such as using stainless steel or glass bottles and BPA-free cans, may lower [their] risk,” said researcher Todd Hagobian, chair of kinesiology and public health at California Polytechnic State Univ.

The researchers gave people what is considered the “safe dose” for four days. That is 50 micrograms per kilogram of body weight. BPA is found in water bottles, food containers, tableware and pitchers. It can disrupt hormone levels. That can increase blood sugar concern risks.

The study had a control group who took a placebo and a test group who took oral BPA. Neither group saw weight or blood sugar changes over the four days. But, the BPA group had a significant decrease in insulin sensitivity.

People have been concerned about the safety of BPA for decades. Other studies have shown that it might impact children’s health and development. In 2012, it was banned in baby bottles and sippy cups. If you have a water bottle, it may already be BPA-free. Check for a stamp in the plastic. Otherwise, if you regularly carry a water bottle and aren’t sure, replace it with a steel or glass option, or a BPA-plastic one. BPA-free plastic bottles aren’t expensive and can easily be bought at places like Walmart and Target and online from retailers like Amazon.

Many people like plastic water bottles because they don’t shatter, are hard to dent, can’t rust and are less expensive than steel. However, they have drawbacks. A recent study found that some types of water bottles release harmful chemicals when they sit in the sun. In the study, six water bottles released volatile organic compounds known to cause health problems, including cancer.

Drinking water and remaining hydrated throughout the day is essential to maintaining stable, healthy blood sugar. However, plastic water bottles might not be your best option. You may want to research glass or steel bottles to find one that fits your lifestyle and medical needs.  

Banner image: SHVETS Production via Pexels

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