Popular Resolution Can Cause Mood Swings, Weight Gain, Kidney Problems

It’s a new year. That means we might have new people reading our blog. If you’re new, you might be surprised to learn that we’re not huge fans of New Year’s resolutions. We think they can put a person under undue pressure, lead to disappointment and make someone quit their goals. We believe it’s essential to have goals, but having hard and fast rules can lead to “failure” that causes you to give up. We also think any day is a great day to improve your life. January doesn’t have to be when you start. But many people love them, and we like to write about what our customers are doing to help them use our blog as a tool.

According to a survey, Americans’ number one resolution for 2024 is to become physically fitter. About half of the people who responded said they wanted to improve their fitness, while a third said they would improve their diet. Becoming fitter is a great goal. But it’s important not to get too fixated on the gym.

Certified nutrition coach and personal trainer Danielle Gray said, “It is possible to end up with mental and physical issues due to nutrient deficiencies and changes in your metabolism. This can then spiral into fat gain and muscle loss, mood swings and harder-to-fix hormonal issues.”

Ms. Gray warned that taking on a strenuous exercise routine can cause psychological harm as you can become burned out and gain weight. You can also over-exercise. That’s especially true for people who go from being sedentary to trying to work out a lot.

Pushing the body too hard with prolonged and intense workouts could lead to overuse injuries, impacting tendons, muscles and joints,” said Ms. Gray. “Abruptly changing your exercise regimen can be counterproductive, causing harm rather than progress, potentially leading to extended periods of forced rest due to injury.”

If you exercise too much without the proper nutrition, your body can release high levels of ketones that can be dangerous for the kidneys. There can be other drawbacks to over-exercising. A 25-year study found that people who over-exercise can get atherosclerosis or plaque buildup on the arteries. And too much exercise can raise the stress hormone cortisol in your body.

None of this means you shouldn’t aim to become fitter in 2024. It’s a great goal! Being physically fit helps your health in a multitude of ways. But you should speak to your doctor about your fitness goals and nutritional needs. They can help you devise a plan or meet a trainer who will help you figure out the right routine for you!

We all have different bodies and different goals. Everyone starts from a different place. You might want to complete a fun run, 5k, marathon or something even harder by the end of the year. But running a mile on your first day isn’t advisable if you aren’t in the right shape. That will lead to injury and disappointment.    

Banner image: Graham Mansfield via Unsplash

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