See the Outdoor Sights of North Dakota

We are back on the road and excited to be driving through Roughrider Country. With temperatures around the 70s throughout the state, it’s the perfect time to get outside! We’ll hit the Enchanted Highway to see sculptures, built by an “amateur,” meant to keep a town on the map. Gary Greff may have started as an amateur, but after 30 years and a world record, these beautiful sculptures made his town a sensation and him an artist. In addition to these sculptures, cruising through the state, you can see the world’s largest buffalo, the world’s largest Holstein cow and the world’s tallest turtle riding the world’s largest snowmobile. We’ll go to the visitor center in Fargo to see the famous woodchipper from the Coen Brothers’ film. Then we are heading over to Strasburg, we’ll see the birthplace of Lawrence Welk.

Moving past fun roadside attractions, North Dakota has fantastic museums and historical sites. You might like to see the Ronald Reagan Minuteman Missile Site and learn more about the state during the Cold War. At the Scandinavian Heritage Park, you can learn about the culture that shaped a lot of how North Dakota today. Visiting the On-A-Slant Village or the Knife River Indian Villages Historic Site teaches you more about life in the area for Native Americans before the United States. Between historical sites and museums about everything from art and history to technology, you could spend your whole trip inside.

But, in this gorgeous weather, we want to get out. The upper Missouri River is on full display when you step onto the Lewis and Clark Riverboat for a cruise. Over the PA system, they relay information about the history of the Missouri River Valley while you take in the natural splendor that surrounds you. In addition to simple sightseeing trips, in both the afternoon and evening, they also have brunch, lunch and dinner cruises.

After an afternoon cruise, you might want to take in a show in the great outdoors. The Medora Musical is unlike other plays, set in an outdoor amphitheater; you’ll take in a show in the rough Badlands. Every night in the summer, under the stars, you can watch a western musical dedicated to Pres. Theodore Roosevelt. While in town, you can enjoy pitchfork fondue — which is precisely what it sounds like.

Staying in the area, you can visit Theodore Roosevelt National Park. It’s a great spot to see all sorts of wildlife from wild horses and buffalo to turkeys and prairie dogs. There are incredible vistas of the Badlands, Missouri River, the Painted Canyon and more. It’s an excellent place for a hike or a bike ride but also has gorgeous drives for less mobile people.

Finally, like Goldilocks, if you’re looking for something that bridges the gap between natural and manmade, go to the Turtle Mountains and visit the International Peace Garden, a joint venture between Canada and the U.S. that began in 1928. Canada donated 1,451 acres to the project; North Dakota gave 888. Together, the two countries worked to convert prairie and forest into a manicured garden. With gorgeous structures and meticulously planned out flowers, this is a perfect place to sit and enjoy the state!

Banner image: peacegarden.com

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