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Stop By New Hampshire for Patriotic Sights and More this July 4th

As one of the original 13 colonies, New Hampshire’s long history has solemn and funny stories all woven into the fabric of the state’s past. Come see the state as we march toward the country’s birthday! This beautiful area has some of the biggest ski mountains in the eastern U.S. It becomes a wonderland each winter with sportsmen flocking to the state. In addition to that, New Hampshire is an excellent spot for antiquing. There are more than 500 dealers in addition to fantastic flea markets that are treasure troves of everything from jewelry to furniture.

Even if it’s not ski season, the New Hampshire is far from being boring. There are amazing rivers and lakes for kayaking, canoeing and bird watching. The state has gorgeous caves and basins carved by glaciers to explore. New Hampshire also has stunning hiking spots, like Mount Washington, to enjoy. If you like your nature with a splash of manmade entertainment, you can hike in the Andres Institute of Art and Sculpture Garden, where 60 sculptures are scattered throughout the trails. And, if you want a far from ordinary experience and to enjoy nature from a moving seat, a scenic ride on a historic dining train might be just your speed! A train trip can be especially lovely when the fall foliage is at its peak.

In addition to leaf peeping, in the fall you might like to attend the Giant Pumpkin Regatta. Each year, people carve, decorate and sail giant pumpkins down a river. Many people dress up to go with the theme of their pumpkins and climb into the massive squashes to captain them. Another great fall event is the Exeter UFO Festival. For people who are excited by UFOs, New Hampshire is a hot spot. The festival commemorates the Exeter Incident that included multiple people seeing UFOs, including two respected police. While you’re in the state for the festival, check out the Historical Markerat the spot where Betty and Barney Hill allegedly had an alien encounter in 1961 that has become the most famous and well documented alien abduction. It’s next to a gas station with newspaper clippings, a mural and some souvenirs. It’s not the most exciting spot for people who aren’t alien enthusiasts but, if you are in the area, stop by.

With July 4th quickly approaching, it’s natural to be feeling extra patriotic. New Hampshire doesn’t disappoint fan of our nation’s history. From the delightfully bizarre side of history, you can stroll through the Republic of Indian Stream, a country that declared itself independent of other nations from 1829-1835 in a bid to avoid taxes. As Canada and the U.S. fought over the land, people were being taxed by both countries. Upon declaring themselves free, the 300 citizens of the new nation wrote a constitution, printed sovereign stamps, created an army and elected their own government. The formation of the country caused diplomatic problems and, after a shootout, Canada relinquished any claim they had to the land. If you would like to visit someplace more presidential, stop in at Pierce Manse, where President Franklin Pierce lived shortly before his term in office. The house is like stepping back in time to when our 14th president was in residence. There are touch exhibits and historical realia to immerse you fully. Finally, call in at the home of Samuel Wilson. This man was a meat packer who supplied the army troops during the Was of 1812 and went on to become the meat inspector for the army. When he had inspected a package of meat, he would stamp it with “U.S.” This led to people joking that the letters stood for “Uncle Sam.” While you might not know his story, you have seen him point his finger while ordering you to join the army.

Throughout the year, there is much to do in New Hampshire, from the genuinely breath-taking landscapes to the fun events and fantastic history. Now is the perfect time, with The U.S. birthday approaching fast, to visit. We hope you take a trip and enjoy the state for yourself!

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