Take Time to Relax This Summer

As anyone who reads our blogs knows, we like to talk about getting out and about on Fridays. Recently, we’ve frequently been writing about how to negotiate the national parks this year. With reservations, large crowds and additional rules, it might not be the year for you to visit. While the national parks can be a dream vacation, the hustle and bustle won’t be your cup of tea if you are looking for a quiet getaway.

Looking around the while looking for topics for our blogs, it seems like everyone is putting a lot of emphasis on having “the best summer ever!” People are trying to jam all the fun they missed last summer into this one. We understand that urge; we missed out on a lot last year. But, trying to cram too many things into one season may suck the fun out of it and leave you feeling more exhausted and more stressed out than before. Take the pressure off yourself to plan everything, attend every get-together and maximize fun.

If you wanted to go to a national park but didn’t get a reservation, get out to a local park! See if there are any places in your area to camp. Or, pitch a tent in your backyard and have a barbecue. Give yourself permission to scale back and enjoy eating dinner in your own yard. You can break your own patterns in small fun ways like mixing dish soap and water to make a bubble solution. And you can make your own wand with household materials you almost certainly have. Sometimes, letting the kids play in the sprinklers while the adults drink iced tea can be just as gratifying as going to the waterpark.

Just getting together with friends can be amazing. You don’t need to plan large, themed parties to have a great time or attend big gatherings if you can’t face a crowd after spending so much time alone for a year. Potlucks and simple meals are excellent ways to come together and have fun without worrying about large headcounts or too much planning. You can enjoy company without stress. And, keeping gatherings small means you can focus on who is there, have conversations and catch up!

Listening to your favorite summer music, taking a leisurely drive with the windows down and watching the sunset from your favorite spot can be a treat. You don’t have to “make every moment count” to have a lovely summer.

This summer, get out, see friends and have fun while relaxing. But don’t get caught up in trying to make it the summer you’ll never forget. Just let yourself breathe out and have fun in the sun! In the end, you’ll see that not trying to force a perfect plan helps you go with the flow and not being stressed is good for your mood and health!  

Banner image: Emma Bauso via Pexels

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