The Biggest Wellness Trends for Adults in 2023

We always enjoy reading predictions for the new year. It’s interesting to gain insight into what’s on the rise. Today we’re looking at what’s gaining traction in the world of wellness trends.

According to experts, old fads will be in again for younger adults. There has been a resurgence in interest in sensory deprivation tanks and cryotherapy in the under-40 crowd. Both of these therapies have been around for years, but they are having another “moment in the sun.”

For people over 40, the trends may seem a little less fad oriented. For people in their 40s and 50s, yoga and other calming activities will gain even more traction than before. And people are expected to pay more attention to the importance of sleep. Many apps and devices designed to help optimize better sleep are captivating people’s interest.

For people in their 60s, it is expected that spiritual wellness is going to take top priority. That doesn’t necessarily mean people will be going to church or a house of worship more frequently but it could. People are expected to spend more time seeking purpose and connection. Having spiritual wellness and finding meaning in one’s life benefits physical and mental health, can help manage pain, improve behavior and aid mood.  

I believe a huge and impactful wellness trend for 2023 is spiritual well-being, a term that refers to a person’s sense of connection to something larger than themselves, such as a higher power, a set of spiritual beliefs or a sense of meaning and purpose in life. This aspect of well-being is often associated with feelings of peace, contentment and inner harmony, and it can play an important role in overall health and wellness. In the past, spiritual well-being was relegated mostly to formal organizations, such as religions, but it can also be achieved through one’s own practice. Some techniques include meditation, breathwork, a gratitude practice or martial arts,” said Jenelle Kim, doctor of Chinese medicine and author of Myung Sung: The Korean Art of Living Meditation.

People are expected to continue spending money on wellness products rather than wellness experiences. While spending on wellness declined during the pandemic, it has since rebounded and is expected to grow. And the use of smartphone apps for wellness is expected to rise.

Perhaps the most surprising wellness trend on the rise is mouth taping. That is the act of taping one’s mouth shut at night to force nose breathing. It may help humidify nasal passages. However, this trending nighttime ritual isn’t safe for everyone. So, before you try it yourself, speak to your doctor about the benefits and dangers. Not all trends are beneficial, and this one may be just a flash in the pan that is gone by the end of the year.

Banner image: JD Mason via Unsplash

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