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Three Winter Sights to See in Indiana

Indiana is set to have weather in the 20s this weekend. Being in your home for too long can be draining so we are looking at sites inside and outdoors. Hopefully, you’ll find something on the list to your liking! Getting out of your home in the winter is so important. It can be easy to stay cooped up in cold weather. But, interaction and engagement are essential for your mood and overall health. Whether you’re going outside or going to an indoor location, get out into the world!

Indy Winter Farmers Market

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In winter, it can be hard to get all your fruits and veggies. There’s a tendency to hunker down and accept that produce isn’t fresh. But the Indy Winter Farmers Market (IWFM) allows people to eat locally year-round in Indianapolis. For people on SNAP benefits, the market triples the value of SNAP: if a person has $20 in SNAP dollars, the IWFM gives them an additional $40 to spend. Vendors include not just produce but hot fresh food, baked goods, artists and craftsmen making everything from skincare products to wooden carvings. Find out more here.

Indiana Caverns


Indiana Caverns, the longest cave system in the state, is located outside Corydon, Indiana. For more than just their size, the caves are exciting. They feature ice age bones, incredible biodiversity within the caves and have multiple experiences. From crawling into a kid-friendly cave, to a dark kayak trip far underground, to escape rooms, to walking tours for the family — there is something for everyone! The tour is actually walking combined with a boat ride. The panoramic views include enormous boulders, a waterfall and stone dams. You might encounter blind crayfish, bats and other bizarre cave life! Because the cave is underground, the temperature is constant year-round. Learn more here.

Dallara IndyCar Factory


The IndyCar Factory is one part museum, one part playground and one part factory tour. If you, a friend or your family loves Indy car racing, this is a destination that cannot be beaten! There are interactive exhibits, a racing simulator, information about the history of the sport and a garage tour! This is a great spot to take any little ones in your life who love cars! The hands-on exhibits teach the technology and science of cars at an elementary level. The factory is only a third of a mile from the history Speedway. See more here.

We hope these spots inspire you to get outside this weekend in Indiana or wherever you are!

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