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Visit a Farmers Market This Weekend

We love talking about exercising outdoors, hiking, biking, gardening and so many activities that get you out! Being outside is essential for the mind, spirit and body. But, at the peak of summer, it’s sweltering. There are heatwaves and advisories all around the country. We understand that right now might not be the best time for you to be exerting a lot of energy outside. That’s why today, we’re focusing on farmers markets.

It’s National Farmers Market Week. According to the USDA, more than half the farmers at the markets come from less than 10 miles away. So, going to a farmers market is a great way to support local businesses and eat locally. They’re often cheaper than the supermarket because you cut out the middleman. The produce is always fresher. And it’s fun to see the people who made your food.

In addition to having great fruits and vegetables, farmers markets tend to be a great place to buy handmade crafts, tasty snacks and more. There is also often local entertainment. Each farmers market has its own style and offers its own great benefits. Living in a city like San Diego, surrounded by farmland, our team benefits from having farmers markets every day of the week, practically all year round. The one on Coronado Island has some of the most gorgeous views in the city. Ocean Beach’s has live music. Little Italy’s has wonderful espresso. North Park’s has an art show. La Jolla’s has a great flea market. We could go on. They’re all a little different. We get our produce, Christmas presents and sometimes shirts from the many farmers markets around us.

Depending on your area, your farmers market might be inside, but it’s still a chance to get out of the house. And, in that case, you might have air conditioning. If not, be sure to stay hydrated while you’re out and about. It might not be as much exercise as an outdoor workout, but you may spend some time in the sun. To have a nice day, you want to be comfortable. It’s a great activity outside that doesn’t have to be expensive as you can just go to buy your greens. But it can be exciting if there is a market attached or there is live entertainment. It’s a pleasant way to get out of the house without over-exerting yourself.

If it’s too hot to visit a farmers market this week, don’t push yourself. It might be National Farmers Market Week, but they’ll still be here once the weather cools down. Google where they are in your area; they’re closer than you might realize. Check their schedule. Depending on your harvesting schedule, they might not be open in the winter unless they sell holiday gifts or baked goods. Try to go while produce is in season. Local produce is delicious, and it’s rewarding to know you’re buying from your neighbors.    

Banner image: Gary Butterfield via Unsplash

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