Walking After a Meal Helps Fight Spikes

Blood sugar spikes can be detrimental to health. People with concerns about their blood sugar tend to be more worried about the post-meal spikes than others. There are ways to combat sugar rush through lower-carb meals and lifestyle changes. For instance, a straightforward way to lessen blood sugar spikes is to take a post-meal walk.

Sugar spikes release insulin and promote fat storage. Studies have shown that walking soon after a meal lowered blood sugar spikes. People in one study who walked for a half-hour after dinner were more successful at losing weight than others in the study. The study also looked at the old myth that exercise after a meal causes stomach ache, cramps or extra fatigue and found no proof for the claim. No one reported negative impacts.

If you habitually feel an after-meal slump in energy, frequently caused by fluctuating blood sugar, a walk can make you more alert. Getting your blood moving means oxygen reaching your organs faster. Exercise diverts blood to fuel the muscles, burning sugar more quickly. So while you might feel the post-meal stupor, you’ll feel better once you’ve has some exercise. A 15-minute walk after eating can significantly reduce the post-meal blood sugar spike.

If you aren’t a huge fan of walking around the block, there are several ways to improve the activity. You can reach out to neighbors to see if they want to make it part of their routine with you. It’s time you can use to listen to an audiobook or music on headphones. Or you can just relax and reflect on your day in the fresh air. It’s a great way to get to know your neighborhood and what changes are being made that you might otherwise miss from a car. If you don’t enjoy it, stick with it: once a short walk becomes part of your routine, you won’t notice whatever it was you didn’t like about it.

Remember, any amount of exercise will be better for blood sugar levels than none at all, so when you’re full, get up and get moving. Even if it’s stretching, or moving around to wash the pans and dishes; getting your heart pumping after a meal can make a big difference.

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