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Four Avocado Recipes that Aren’t Guacamole

We're celebrating avocados with delicious recipes that are perfect from breakfast to dinner and starter to dessert. We think you’ll love these fun, low-carb options that will help you branch out from guacamole!

The Fatty Fruit That’s Good for Your Heart

Studies have shown that avocados can reduce cholesterol.

Eating Avocados in the Time of COVID-19

While we enjoy avocados for their flavor, texture, health benefits and the way they fill us up, we are currently giving them a miss. They have been on sale recently, but we worry about safety.

Four Gazpacho Recipes to Cool Off With

Sometimes, you aren’t in the mood for a salad, but you still want something cold. We love gazpacho because it is a real meal, just one you can eat without breaking a sweat.

Healthier Recipes for National Chocolate Cupcake Day

We have scoured the web looking for recipes that won’t derail your healthy lifestyle.

Four Delicious Low-Carb Smoothies to Treat Yourself

We are sharing four tasty smoothie recipes! These four drinks have no more than five grams of carbs, and the most calorific is only 223 calories!

Celebrate National Picnic Day with Four On-the-go Salads!

This Friday is National Picnic Day. The weather is beautiful, and it’s time to get outside. Sometimes you don’t have any interest in grilling or making a complicated picnic meal. If you want to enjoy something delicious and easy, these salads in jars are perfect.

Four Great Recipes for National Lobster Day

Lobster season is in swing, and so lobster keeps cropping up in Costco and on special offer in the supermarket. It's a delicious shellfish we only ever indulge in when it’s on sale. Now that the sale season is here, we’re ready and armed with recipes!

Four Eggs Sandwich Recipes to Enjoy Without the Carbs!

We love eggs! Research has confirmed, time after time, that they can help heart health, help you lose weight, aid healthy aging and more. Here are four tasty, low-carb alternatives to carb-heavy versions of egg sandwiches!

Four Tasty Grapefruit Recipes to Enjoy this Winter

While some folks enjoy plain grapefruit, we prefer the taste when it’s incorporated into other dishes. Here are four ways to enjoy grapefruit as part of a low-carb diet!

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