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Flavanols Aid Memory, Says Study

We are always looking for ways to improve our health through natural means. According to a new study, flavanols, antioxidants found in tea and many fruits and vegetables and slow memory decline.

How to SHIELD Your Memory

If you feel like your memory has been slipping up recently, the pandemic may be playing a part. When your days become monotonous and uneventful, the minutia tends to fade away. The good news is, there is a way of helping your memory.

Daily Multivitamin May Reduce Memory Loss

A study looked at how multivitamins impact aging adults. It used 573 people over the age of 60 and found strong evidence that a daily multivitamin can help cognition and slow memory loss.

Easy Fix Improves Sleep, Memory, Alertness

New research found that blocking out light at night is even more beneficial than previously realized. Wearing an eye mask to bed can improve cognitive function the next day. It aids episodic memory encoding and alertness.

Use Your Brain to Aid Memory

Higher educations is not linked to protection from mental decline.

Greens May Be Good for Memory

A study with almost 28,000 men has shown that they might also lower your risk of memory loss.

Just Changing Your Mentality Improves Memory

In stressful situations, things can slip your mind. A study found that even imagining you are in an urgent scenario lessens your ability to form memories.

Views on Aging Impact Memory and Happiness

A 12-year study with 1,716 seniors found that people with a positive view of aging were less likely to develop mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and 30 percent more likely to recover from MCI if it developed.

Memory Problems May Be Caused by Knowing Too Much

As we get older, many of us struggle with memory. People often think that memory degrades as we grow older. However, a new study suggests the opposite is true. Our memories stack, and that's a problem.

Brain Signals Linked to Memory May Also Be Tied to Blood Sugar

Scientists have found that signal patterns in the brain linked to the formation of memories also impact metabolism. Whenever they saw “sharp wave ripples,” they would see decreases in blood sugar.

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