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Attractions Offer Digital Tours so You Can Visit from Home

Anyone who has read our blog in the past knows we like getting out and about. We did a digital road trip around the country and have shared a lot of tips about getting outside for exercise. We like to share the tips on Fridays to help you get ready for the weekend. But, for the last few weeks, we haven’t been thinking about travel or the great outdoors.

It can feel demoralizing to stay inside for long portions of time. And weekends and weekdays are blending for many of us. But, unlike before, we’re not going out much. Parks are closing all over the country. That includes national and state parks along with our local playgrounds. One of the reasons we think getting out is vital to a happy life is that it changes our daily routine and boost our spirits.

We still want to get out mentally if not physically, and that is why we were thrilled to see many museums offering more accessibility to all of us. Many of us don’t have the opportunity to travel to foreign countries in our day to day life. The British Museum, the Louvre in Paris and the Vatican are bucket list spots for so many of us. These virtual tours mean that many of us who could never visit the Sistine Chapel can now see great views of the place that weren’t accessible to us before. There are also museums in other states that we might not be able to travel to because of distance, logistics or cost. The Smithsonian has put every natural history exhibit online.

Not everyone is interested in museums, and there are many options for them as well. Zoos and aquariums are getting in on the action as well. The Cincinnati Zoo livestreams safaris every afternoon on their Facebook page. That lets you visit in real-time! Other zoos have livestreams of specific animals. The Atlanta Zoo has a “Panda Cam” and the San Diego Zoo has livestreams of koalas, polar bears and tigers. Many other zoos are offering different live and prerecorded tours.

And, if you are more of a theme park person, you can digitally visit those parks too. Obviously, nothing can replace the rides, but tours at least let you imagine you’re there and maybe plan out a special trip once normal life resumes. Disney Parks, SeaWorld and LEGOLAND have created virtual tours to let visitors see the theme parks without the crowds from their own homes.

We don’t think this can ever replace going to incredible places. Getting out and seeing these spots can be huge adventures. But, for the moment, the digital experiences can be a welcome respite from the news. You should check out your local guidelines to find out how you can get outside safely in your area. Usually, on Friday, we sign off by saying we hope you get outside over the weekend. Today, instead of that, we hope that you, your family, friends and community stay safe and well.

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