Chamomile Tea Is Versatile, May Help Blood Sugar

We’ve been on a search recently for great drinks. It’s because we hate feeling like we’re denying ourselves things. We want to provide you with a lot of options you might not think about! Every summer, we’re inundated with seasonal cold drinks being marketed to us. All the new Frappuccinos and sugar-heavy iced drinks from coffee shops might taste great, but they aren’t healthy. People with blood sugar concerns steer clear of them.  

It’s essential to be hydrated year-round; it’s not just a summer problem. But, when you are hot and sweating, you can become dehydrated faster. If you have more options, you are more likely to drink. No one likes feeling left out or deprived. Lemonade and traditional iced tea can be made sugar-free but, if you want to reap some benefits from your drink, chamomile tea might be right for you.

Chamomile tea has a long history of being used as a home remedy. And studies have shown it can help blood sugar. In one study where people drank a cup after three meals a day for six weeks, they had improved levels of blood sugar, insulin and insulin resistance. Additionally, chamomile tea might lower the risk of kidney damage, nerve damage and vision loss that is sometimes associated with blood sugar imbalances.

Chamomile tea can fight inflammation and gout, relieve ulcers and improve skin. It’s also rich in antioxidants that may help prevent cancer and boost the immune system. Chamomile tea improves sleep, which is excellent for overall health as well as blood sugar control and can help you feel great.

One of the things we like so much about chamomile tea is how versatile it is. It’s wonderful hot or cold. As a cold drink, it’s a favorite of ours when made with low-sugar lemonade as a form of an Arnold Palmer. Chamomile tea is delightful served neat or with milk. And it works well in a tea latte. The very trendy tea latte is made with three parts tea to one part steamed milk. You froth them together for a delicious drink that you make at home. Most recipes call for using a French press. Even if you skip the frothing step and stir the steamed milk in with a whisk, the milk being heated means you don’t need any sweeteners to enjoy a sweet treat. If you make it an iced latte, you might want to add a little sweetener of your choice. You can use whatever type of milk you like and add spices, creating a coffee shop-worthy drink you can make at home for less money with few carbs.

While water is always your best option for staying hydrated, it doesn’t have to be your only choice! Enjoying delicious and refreshing chamomile tea can help your body get the fluid it needs while also helping you maintain healthy blood sugar!    

Banner image: ORNELLA BINNI via Unsplash

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