Chicken Soup Aids Blood Sugar

It has long been said that chicken soup is good for the soul. It’s also one of the oldest comfort foods for sicknesses. We are in the middle of an exceptionally bad flu season. With RSV, flu, Covid and colds raging all around us, you might be ill or the only person you know who isn’t sick! It’s essential to stay healthy. And it’s important to nurse yourself if you’re unwell. Did you know that, besides being tasty and comforting, chicken soup can aid your health and blood sugar?

Your immune system is important for blood sugar health. Being ill can be harmful to your blood sugar. It throws off your sleep, stress levels, diet and many other factors that impact your sugar levels. It’s essential to maintain your immune system to prevent infections that can upset your blood sugar levels.

Chicken soup is one food that boosts health in winter and can speed recovery from illnesses. It’s filled with healthy vegetables and lean protein. And the steam can help nasal as it keeps you hydrated. Plus, it’s a comforting food that can promote feelings of well-being and better sleep.  

Even chicken noodle soup is great for people with blood sugar concerns. You might think the noodles make it off-limits. However, whole-grain noodles are fine in moderation. They contain fiber that can help prevent spikes. Plus, there aren’t many noodles per serving — the amount in a bowl of soup isn’t the same as a plate full of pasta.

The broth and meat are low GI foods that contain zinc and magnesium that support the immune system. And the protein in chicken slows the absorption of carbs and helps you feel full for longer. The iron in chicken also aids the production of red blood cells.

Having a chicken soup packed with vegetables also enhances the health impact of the soup. You get delicious soup and your veggies all in one place. Vegetables are a great source of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Soup is an easy make-ahead meal and a great way to add some nutritious and fiber-packed vegetables to your diet,” according to Healthline. “For people with [blood sugar concerns], the more vegetables you can eat, the better. Many vegetables are low in calories and carbs, which is a must-have.”

So, as you are fighting off a cold or aiming to prevent one this winter, grab a hot bowl of chicken soup. Your blood sugar and overall health will thank you for it!

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