Eat Better Together Through the Holidays

When you have health concerns or are just trying to be healthier, one of the first things most of us turn to is diet. Eating a healthy diet is key to overall wellness. It can make a big difference in controlling blood sugar, weight and other concerns. But, around the holidays, it can be difficult. There are so many goodies around. And company can make it harder.

When friends and family gather together, healthy habits have a tendency of falling by the wayside. October is National Eat Better, Eat Together Month. Usually, we talk about what a month is dedicated to early so that you can celebrate all month. But, for this one, we waited because we think it’s an important topic to discuss as we head into the holiday season.

The purpose of National Eat Better, Eat Together Month is to bring families to the table together for mealtimes. Families that eat together generally have healthier, balanced meals with more vegetables on the plate. It also aims to keep everyone involved in the meal: encouraging people to cook together and help in setting the table and clean up. It’s aimed at families with kids in the house. We know that most of our customers are older, and any kids you might have are probably adults. But, while everyone might not be home regularly, there is a good chance the holidays mean you’ll be in large groups soon!

When families plan meals together, cook together and eat together, you can make them much healthier than if it’s a buffet spread or a potluck. You can think about what you want going in. You can make sure you have plenty of vegetables and things lower in carbs and higher in nutrients on the table. Moreover, so frequently, the parents or hosts end up doing the lion’s share of the work in the kitchen over the holidays. By bringing the spirit of “eat better, eat together” into the holidays, you can make sure you have help making nutritious meals.

Over the holidays, it’s hard to avoid snacks and sweets floating around you. But, you can control how healthy the meals are that you serve. By getting everyone involved in the preparation, they will be more enthusiastic about the meal. That’s known as the IKEA effect. If a person is involved in creating something, they value it more. It’s possible that people would be less excited about a healthy meal around the holidays but, if you make them part of the preparation, they’ll be more apt to enjoy it.

Getting people to help in the kitchen also takes some stress off you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. No one should be cooking for everyone alone. You can enjoy and healthier and happier holiday season when you cook together!

Banner image: August de Richelieu via Pexels

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