Five Free Health Apps to Help You at Home

Concerns for COVID-19 are keeping us indoors more than we would like. And that means our health may suffer. It’s crucial to maintain good health during these strange times. This will end, and when it does, we don’t want to have to start from square one to reach our health goals. That’s why we’re looking for useful health apps to keep us on track.

There are COVID-19 Apps available on your phone from the CDC, WHO and other reputable sources so that you can get updates. You can find them in the app store on your phone. But, we’re interested in general health apps.

Having a structure to our days can be comforting and help us be more productive and feel better both physically and mentally. We like health apps because they can give us tips to work out and time frames. We can work in exercise and better habits into our daily patterns. Having a new thing can make life more interesting and fill up our time when other activities are impossible.

For getting exercise, we enjoy the Nike Training app. It’s free, the app has 185 workouts and they range from 15 minutes to an hour. It’s great for any level. Right now, with people stuck at home, even their premium content is free. We also like the YMCA 360 app. This is also chock-full of great, free content and has so many different types of exercise and fitness levels. If you are looking for a specific kind of work out, look through your app store. Check the rating and read reviews to find what’s best for you.

Our team is also currently enjoying Sling TV, which is providing free access to news channels during the epidemic. When you don’t have access to television but need an update, it is an excellent source of accurate information.

Not all health is about working out. We always lean toward MyFitnessPal for dietary information. You can not only use it as a food tracker, but it also works as a fantastic database of nutritional information for different brands of food. There are also forums to let you share news and support with other users.

An app we have been using a lot at home is Dark Noise. It usually costs money but is currently free while people are stuck inside. It’s a great white noise app, with tons of sounds to choose from. It’s excellent for helping us focus and is also useful for meditating or just calming down. Taking moments to breathe can be soothing. There are many other white noise apps available, find one that works for you, and enjoy soothing background noise when it’s too quiet.

These are the apps we’re using. We would love to hear what works for you! We’re all in this together, and the Neuliven Health team is here for you. It can be easy to feel alone, but technology brings us together!

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