Four Fabulous Fall Soups

We like soups. We’ve certainly shared enough recipes for them over the years! There are so many variations. You can enjoy cold soups in summer, hot ones in fall, creamy, comforting options, chunky variations and more! We honestly can’t get enough. The problem is that soups can be high in carbs. We share so many soup recipes because most ones from cookbooks aren’t suitable if you are watching your carbs.

Recently while writing a blog, we came across a pumpkin recipe that didn’t quite fit that week’s theme but made us want to write another soup blog! This time we’re focusing on soups that are perfect for fall, low-carb and take a half hour to cook. Sometimes cooking a complicated meal is fun. But sometimes you just want to get dinner on the table. We think any of these recipes could be a hit in your house!

Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken Soup


If you have ever tried buffalo chicken dip, you have almost certainly said, “I could eat that with a spoon.” This is your chance. This soup turns everyone’s favorite football-watching snack into dinner. The recipe has only three steps, so it couldn’t be easier, but you’ll be in heaven! It’s perfect for dinner on a football night when you want the flavors of the dip but are interested in a full meal. A serving has 428 calories, 5.6 grams of carbs and 0.9 grams of fiber. Get the recipe.

Creamy Keto Pumpkin and Sausage Chowder


Here’s the recipe that prompted this whole blog. We can’t get enough of pumpkin at this time of year! This chowder uses cauliflower in place of potatoes to keep carbs low. It also has mascarpone cheese for creaminess with fewer carbs than cream cheese. This is another soup with just three steps. It has fall flavors you’ll fall in love with, and you’ll be making it all winter long. A serving has 308 calories, seven grams of carbs and two grams of fiber. Get the recipe.

Keto Broccoli Cheese Soup


Broccoli cheese soup is many people’s favorite way to eat broccoli. It’s also chockfull of carbs! That’s partially because it’s thickened with flour. This version is flour-free. That means it’s lower in carbs and gluten-free. Plus, it’s even more cheesy than most versions of the soup as it uses cheese as the thickener. The recipe has great tips to stop the cheese from sticking to the bottom of the pot where it can burn — you can use the tips for other cheese soup and sauce recipes in the future! A serving has 346 calories, eight grams of carbs and one gram of fiber. Get the recipe.

Ground Beef Veggie Stew


We love beef stew. Rising prices have made large cuts of meat outrageously expensive in some areas of the country. That’s why we like this beef stew that uses ground meat instead. It keeps the flavor but lowers the cost. It also makes the cooking time much shorter. The recipe calls for summer squash. You can easily substitute in the squashes and vegetables that are in season now. We prefer cooking with what’s in season. We simply love this recipe as a roadmap! As it’s written, a serving has 180 calories, nine grams of carbs and three grams of fiber. Get the recipe.

We hope these wonderful soups help you decide what to have for dinner. You can’t go wrong with any of them! Enjoy fall meals and feel cozy as the night draw in.

Banner image: Gaelle Marcel via Unsplash

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