Four Interesting Low-carb Recipes with Pesto

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Pesto needs no introduction! This flavorful and aromatic sauce with a nutty undertone is exceptionally easy to prepare. The wonderful aroma of fresh herbs, good quality extra virgin olive oil, delicious cheese and nuts is indeed addictive and delightful. You can use pesto as such and serve it with several crunchy savories to enjoy a decadent match made in heaven. Presto is very low in carbs. And, it has healthy fats and is rich in vitamin C!

To get the perfect pesto, you carefully blend its ingredients well. You can use your blender, a food processor or an immersion blender. A good quality blender would be ideal for getting the desired texture each time you plan on preparing it! If you are looking for a new blender, there are some great purchase reviews on my site to help you find the most effective blender that will meet all your blending needs.

You can also use this classic dip as a sauce base to prepare several other recipes, which gets a nice flavorful kick from its aromatic ingredients. Here are four such exciting recipes that you can prepare using pesto.

1. Pesto and cheese sandwich.
You have to spread pesto on low-carb bread slices and then top it with feta, chopped boiled egg and a few pieces of salmon. Cover the filling with another bread slice smeared with pesto and then grill the sandwich until crunchy and light brown on both sides. Serve hot, and enjoy!

2. Chicken and pesto wrap.
This easy preparation needs a good corn tortilla smeared generously with pesto. Top the wrap with cooked shredded chicken, chopped bell pepper, onion, baby spinach and goat cheese. Fold the wrap to savor this excellent and quick on-the-go meal.

3. Pesto and feta pizza.
To prepare this dish, you have to use a generous portion of pesto and spread it nicely over freshly rolled out low-carb pizza dough, top it with feta cheese, olives, mozzarella, and let it all bake until the cheese melts. Avoid using the typical tomato-based pizza sauce to prepare it and relish pesto's exciting flavors instead. Savor the hot pizza slice with lots of love and enjoy it!

4. Pesto topped fried chicken.
This dish is an excellent snack preparation that can also be served as a quick and flavorful side. Use skinless and boneless chicken cuts and season it with pesto sauce, dried herbs of your choice, salt and black pepper for about an hour. Coat this marinated chicken in coconut flour and place it on a greased baking tray. Use an oil spray to again coat the chicken pieces with a thin layer of oil and bake the chicken until the chicken turns golden brown on the outside and is fully cooked. Serve with stir-fried vegetables and pesto to enjoy this easy-to-prepare dish.

Written by Ligia Lugo
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Banner image: Nathalie Jolie via Unsplash

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