Four Low-Carb Stuffed Chicken Breasts to Enjoy

Sometimes, even in the summer heat, you want a warm meal. But, we mostly stay away from heavier foods while it’s hot out, preferring lighter fare. We love summer veggies but can sometimes get salad fatigue. Wanting to use ripe vegetables in other ways, today, we’re presenting some stuffed chicken breasts that — unlike the ham-stuffed and bread-coated chicken cordon bleu — are packed with veggies! These recipes don’t call for breadcrumbs and have fewer than seven grams of carbs.

Broccoli Cheese-stuffed Chicken Breast


We’re starting with a classic cheese and broccoli dish. It’s not quite as widespread as chicken cordon bleu, but it’s up there. The great twist on this recipe is that it’s not breaded. We like versions that cut out some of the carbs. Unfortunately, the method calls for an oven-safe skillet, but if you don’t have one, you can sear the meat in a pan before transferring it to a high-sided baking tray. Broccoli is just coming into season now, so this is a recipe to enjoy as the price of the produce drops in the supermarket! The meal has 348 calories, four grams of carbs and 32.8 grams of protein, make sure this meal makes it to your table. Get the recipe.

Asparagus-stuffed Chicken Breast


Asparagus season is coming to an end, so enjoy it while it’s still fresh! We love this simple recipe. But, this is another recipe that requires an oven-safe skillet or transferring the meat from a pan to an oven dish. The recipe only has four ingredients other than seasonings. With 348 calories, 3.8 grams of carbs and 43.8 grams of protein, this is a great dinner! Get the recipe.

Spinach-Stuffed Chicken Breast


While we’re fine with using spinach from the freezer, it’s nice to be able to buy it fresh in tubs from the supermarket. It makes a great green in salads, and it cooks down well when you’re sick of salad! This chicken goes straight into the oven, no stove-top step required! Per serving, the dish is 407 calories, three grams of carbs and 41 grams of protein. Get the recipe.

Roasted Pepper-Stuffed Chicken Breast


This dish has a lot of flavors with paprika, feta cheese and roasted peppers. We love that. When you’re cutting something delicious, like breading, out of a meal, it’s easy to feel hard done by, but the flavors make this meal pop! This is a second recipe that doesn’t require searing, so it’s tasty and easy. A chicken breast has 411 calories, six grams of carbs and 45 grams of protein. Get the recipe.

We hope you like these chicken dinners soon! We would love to hear your suggestions about other recipes you enjoy or things you might want to see in the future. Email us at

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