Four Mouthwatering Meatball Recipes

Meatballs are an everyday staple at any fair. But what comes from a food truck this summer will most likely be stuffed with breadcrumbs as a binding ingredient and very-possibly wrapped in bacon or even dipped in chocolate! We wanted to take a look at some recipes with fewer carbs that can be made at home and enjoyed as dinner or as an appetizer at a block party. In the summer, we don’t like being in the kitchen. So, our rules for today were clear: the recipes had to take less than 40 minutes, have fewer than 400 calories a serving and no more than five grams of carbs. All four of these are cooked in the oven.

Easy Keto Low-carb Meatballs Recipe – Italian Style


This recipe is a little out there. It gives you all the flavors on an Italian meatball but uses coconut milk as an ingredient. The cooking time is only 15 minutes (with 15 minutes of prep). The recipe calls for marinara sauce. If you are buying marinara instead of making it yourself, be sure to read the label for sugar content! Each serving has 324 calories and five grams of carbs. Get the recipe.

Mom’s Low-carb Meatballs Recipe – Italian Style


If you want something without almond flour and coconut milk, this recipe might be more your speed. With a mixture of meats, this recipe might come closer to perfect in your mind. They do take longer though, the recipe takes 35 minutes and the cooking time is 20. Sometimes, in the summer, that’s the real deciding factor. A serving has 387 calories and only one gram of carbs! Get the recipe.

Low-carb Sauce-less Meatballs


The best part of this meatball isn’t the fact that it calls for venison (although you can use beef) it’s that, without a sauce, these meatballs can be added to anything or enjoyed all by themselves. They can be used as a breakfast meat, a sandwich ingredient, a salad add-in or snack. Their flavor profile is delicious but not overwhelmingly associated with one dish. The cooking time is 20 minutes; the recipe takes 30 overall. Each serving has only 199 calories and three grams of carbs! Get the recipe.

BBQ Keto Meatballs


Sweet and savory always work so well together and, in the summer, meat and barbeque sauce flavor are a match made in heaven! These are meaty, cheesy and use pork barbeque flavored rinds as an ingredient. The meatballs cook for 15 minutes, the recipe takes 25 overall each serving has 353 calories and under four grams of carbs! Get the recipe.

Enjoy great food without going to the food truck and share the spoils of these fast recipes with family and friends and feel like you visited the fair!

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