Four Patriotic Low-carb Desserts

This coming Monday is Independence Day. That means the country will be celebrating with a lot of cookouts! Two weeks ago, we shared some excellent savory recipes for barbecuing. Today, we’re looking toward dessert. As it’s a celebration, we wanted to match the day’s theme with some fun red, white and blue options!

Meat and salads at barbecues are generally pretty gentle on your blood sugar. But desserts are often delicious sugar bombs. No one wants to feel left out or deprived on big national holidays. That’s why we’re sharing gorgeous desserts that let you be part of the party without thinking about spikes!

Red, White and Blue Keto Cheesecake Berry Cups


This delicious dessert uses a cheesecake mousse that can be eaten on its own but is stunning as part of this layered dessert! Our big tip is to make this dessert in plastic cups or bowls for your outdoor party. It causes less worry if you need to transport them. Even if the party is in your own backyard, you don’t have to worry about someone dropping one and having broken glass in your yard! A serving has 307 calories and two grams of carbs. Get the recipe.

Sugar-free Low-carb Fruit Pizza


This “pizza” has a cookie crust, cream cheese icing and fresh blueberries and raspberries. We’re huge fans of any recipes that use fresh fruit at this time of year. There’s no better treat than fruit when it’s in season. While it’s imported to America all year round, the fruit in stores now is American-grown. It’s nice to eat American produce on America’s birthday! This recipe is easy to make and serves a crowd, so it’s perfect for a July 4 get-together! A serving has 95 calories, four grams of carbs and 1.9 grams of fiber. Get the recipe.

Patriotic Poke Cake


This cake isn’t just low in carbs; it’s fun to cut into! People will see the beautiful flag decoration on top and then love the red stripes running throughout the cake itself! By skewering the cake and pouring sugar-free strawberry Jell-O on it, you’ll give the cake a wonderful flavor and beautiful design! Make sure your cake is completely cool when you poke it; a warm cake will fall apart when prodded. A serving has 300 calories, 5.1 grams of carbs and 2.5 grams of fiber. Get the recipe.

Keto Berry Trifle


Trifle can be heavy. But the bright flavors of a lemon cake, homemade raspberry jam and fresh strawberries and blueberries lighten this one up. The recipe includes simple directions to make a fast, easy, low-carb jam that can also be useful for breakfast! This trifle is delicious and comes together so quickly. When people ask how hard it was to make, you’ll say, “It was a mere trifle.” A serving has 261 calories, seven grams of carbs and three grams of fiber. Get the recipe.

We know that one of these sensational desserts will be a hit at your party as you celebrate our nation’s birthday. We hope everyone has a great time!

Banner image: Frank Mckenna via Unsplash

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