Four Recipes for a Spooky Dinner

Some people think Halloween begins at the stroke of midnight on September 1. Others believe it’s sometime in August. While our team is made up of Halloween fans, we keep it in October! This close to the big day, we love the Halloween decorations in our neighborhoods and indulge in fall foods every chance we get.

Too often, Halloween foods are only for children. It’s absolutely a kid’s holiday. Trick or treating is for kids. The Monster Mash is a song kids enjoy far more than adults. While pumpkin carving is a family activity, we want food that appeals to the whole crew, too! With that in mind, we are sharing four low-carb recipes perfect for a Halloween meal that the entire family will love.

Low-carb Witch Finger Breadsticks


These cute breadsticks will appeal to both kids and adults. They’re on theme for the holiday. But once you get beyond appearances, they are a well-seasoned appetizer or snack! They are made of a fat head dough, so they are grain-free and slightly salty. Then, they are seasoned with garlic and basil. They are a take on garlic bread that won’t leave your fingers greasy. A serving has 95 calories, 2.4 grams of carbs, 0.9 grams of fiber and 6.8 grams of fat. Get the recipe.

Keto Four Cheese Stuffed Butternut Squash


Butternut squash has such a lovely texture and sweet flavor it’s hard to believe you can work it into a low-carb diet. It feels like it should be on par with potatoes as a food to mostly avoid. But its high fiber quantity makes it a wonderful fall vegetable. It’s also one of the few vegetables everyone in the family loves! However, if you are eating with little ones, you may have to modify the recipe slightly. Usually, kids love things covered in cheese. But one of the four wonderful cheeses in this dish is gorgonzola. While most adults love it, it’s a blue cheese, and kids tend to shy away from its strong flavor. You can swap it for cheddar or have an adult dinner! A serving has 169 calories, five grams of carbs, one gram of fiber and 12.1 grams of fat. Get the recipe.  

Roasted Low-carb Pumpkin Soup


We’ve shared pumpkin soup recipes before, but they used pumpkin from a can. This one is perfect for when you are carving pumpkins and have extras on hand. Serving soup in a pumpkin bowl instead of a bread bowl is one of the cutest and smartest low-carb solutions we’ve ever seen. It’s pretty, seasonal and tasty while being functional and better for your blood sugar! We want to serve food like this all year long! A serving has 80 calories, eight grams of carbs, one gram of fiber and four grams of fat. Get the recipe.  

Low-carb Pumpkin Cauliflower Risotto


Few things are better than hot, filling risotto on a cold day. The problem is it takes forever to make. But this one only takes 25 minutes. And, unlike traditional risotto made with rice, the cauliflower in this risotto keeps the carb count low so you can enjoy it without thinking about your blood sugar! Made with pumpkin puree, it’s perfect for fall. But it doesn’t contain any spices we usually associate with pumpkin! It’s seasoned with onion, thyme, parmesan and parsley — this isn’t a sweet risotto! A serving has 272 calories, 14 grams of carbs, four grams of fiber and 21 grams of fat. Get the recipe.  

We hope these four recipes bring some Halloween magic to your kitchen! The spooky season is here for a couple more weeks, so enjoy it!

Banner image: Clint Patterson via Unsplash

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