Get Out and Fly a Kite

We talk a lot about hiking and walking outdoors. Getting outside is so beneficial for your health. It helps your vitamin D levels and your mood. We know that our customers have all different levels of physical fitness and abilities. Some folks aren’t up to long walks through the park. That’s okay; being outdoors in and of itself is healthy. Finding other options for activities outside is important.

National Kite Flying Day was earlier this week. Now is a great time to plan to attend a festival — they happen throughout the spring and summer months. You can participate or watch as people launch kites into the sky.

You can make your own kite easily. Anyone who has ever watched Mary Poppins knows that it can be a fun craft and a great way to spend an afternoon outside! Making a kite is a great activity to do with children or with friends, and then, once they are ready, you can send them soaring!

If making a kite isn’t for you, many types of kites are available for purchase, from inexpensive versions of diamond kites to massive decorative ones. There are also stunt kites that let you perform all sorts of aerial feats. Learning how to perform the dips and dives isn’t hard. But, it can be a little dangerous for people on the ground who get crashed into, so we suggest taking it slow and starting with easy moves.

When you fly a kite, you should follow some safety measures. First, be sure your kite is assembled correctly so you can get it flying and it doesn’t fall to pieces in the air and injure people. Also, check the wind. Sometimes it’s much windier than it seems at ground level, and you can lose your kite or even get knocked off your feet. Always launch your kite with your back to the wind so it doesn’t fly at you. And don’t fly a kite in the rain. Be sure you have plenty of space and aren’t near trees or power lines. If you follow these rules, it can be fun, relaxing and safe.

Flying massive kites can be physically demanding and take a lot of strength to hold and maneuver. You can work up to larger kites as a workout! Competitive kite flying is fun to watch, and going to a kite festival can be an exciting day out. But, going to a park or the beach and flying a kite of your own can be a relaxing way to enjoy a day outside.

Banner image: Paolo Bendandi via Unsplash

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