How to Drive Safely As You Age

We like to write about all aspects of health. Even though Glucocil is a supplement designed to help support normal blood sugar, the Neulieven Health team wants to support all of your health and wellness needs. A lot of wellness comes from lifestyle choices. Getting older sometimes means making changes we don’t expect or like. No one wants to make changes to their habits or the things we’ve been doing our whole lives. But, aging healthily means making shifts. That can include taking extra steps to be safe behind the wheel.

States have different rules for older drivers, including how often they have to be re-certified and what medical checks they might need. It’s essential to know what the regulations are in your state so that you aren’t hit with a costly fine and don’t lose your license. Check out your state’s rules here. As laws can change, it’s important to brush up on the driving code from time to time to make sure you can still pass a driving test if necessary.

If you are on any medications or change medications, don’t drive until you know how they impact you. Some medicines can make you dizzy, tired or affect your perception. When you are in charge of a 3,000-pound machine, you want to be in complete control of yourself.

Stay on top of your medical appointments, especially hearing and vision tests. Senses can fade as we age, and you might not notice that you are having problems as it happens slowly. That can make driving difficult, especially at night. Find ways to help yourself, like driving without music and cutting back on night driving if it’s a problem.

Over the course of a year, with gas and maintenance, a car costs about $200 a week. When you consider that, if you look at your budget, you might be better off swapping it for public transport or cabs. When you are retired and no longer use it for daily commuting, owning your own car may be more hassle than it’s worth, depending on your lifestyle.

If someone around you has voiced concern about your driving style, it might be worth enrolling in a driving course designed for older people. They don’t teach you how to drive; they give you better skills to drive as an older person. Our styles change throughout our lives, and sometimes we need a little bit of a readjustment. They can also teach you more about defensive driving. Even if you’re the best driver in the world, people around you can be awful, and it’s good to learn more or get a refresher on driving around them.

You can also use CarFit. CarFit is an educational program supported by AAA, AARP and AOTA. It checks how well your car “fits” you. It also helps you evaluate any adjustments you might need, like pedal extensions or other adaptative equipment that might make your car easier for you to drive. It can be a beneficial program that keeps you safe on the road!

Banner image: Mali Maeder via Pexels

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