How to Exercise While Staying Inside

We love getting out into the world. Part of it is that we like seeing nature and new sights. We also love getting fresh air into our lungs. But, probably the best part — at least for our health — is the exercise we get the moment we walk out the front door. Gyms are expensive, but nature and roadside attractions aren’t.

Having finished our road trip around America, we are giving the road a rest and staying mostly in our own neighborhood. However, the weather is frightful for much of the country, and many folks don’t want to go out in the cold, with snow and ice. There are still ways to exercise inside your home that won’t cost you money!

We always say that all movement is exercise. If it gets your heart pumping or has you in motion, it’s exercise. Cleaning and moving around your kitchen count! But some people want things that feel more like exercising. That’s still possible even when you’re inside, there’s plenty of exercises that can be done in the home.

We would be remiss not to say, take care of yourself. If you have limited mobility or balance problems, you might want to have company when you exercise. You should also speak to your doctor about any concerns you have about changing your fitness plans. Your primary health care provider may want you to focus on specific exercises, like resistance training or yoga.

You can use your own body for strength training: lunges, steps, wall push-ups and other exercises all use your own weight as resistance to your movement. We’re big fans of wall push-ups for people with limited mobility. They are just like regular push-ups, but you are standing and pushing yourself away from the wall. That keeps a lot of weight on your feet and makes push-ups more achievable. It’s similar to the wall snow angel move. We also like using chairs in exercises like squats as they can add stability and prevent falls.

Preventing falls while exercising is essential, but exercise can actually prevent falls going forward. It strengthens bones, builds muscle and aids balance. The great news about starting to exercise — if you don’t already — is that it’s never too late, there is never a “point of no return.” You can slowly build at your own pace — start with doing dishes and walking around your home and work your way up to Pilates and other healthy, strength-building exercises. (https://www.silversneakers.com/blog/pilates-seniors-core-workout/) You can do them at home and stay happy and well during this cold weather!

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