How to Get More Fluoride to Your Teeth

When you think of fluoride and oral health, you probably think of the fluoride added to tap water. You may think of the classic movie Dr. Strangelove. You probably don’t think about what other foods are good sources of this mineral that aids teeth. But, why should you care about fluoride and what are the best sources of this compound?

Fluoride makes teeth stronger, prevents decay and protects teeth from acid. While it helps teeth, you absorb it through your gut. Only about 50 percent of what you consume stays in your body. The good news is that water filters like Brita and Pur do not remove fluoride.

While tap water is the best source of water, you swallow quite a lot through your toothpaste. And many foods are good sources of fluoride. Very few of us completely cut out prepared foods. While premade meals have many drawbacks, the fact that they are made with fluoridated water is good. Things like dehydrated soups are a great source of fluoride. As are frozen meals made with chicken and fish. And canned shrimp can have more fluoride than water.

Raisins, grapefruit juice and potatoes are also good sources. We wouldn’t suggest eating large amounts of raisins or drinking much juice because of their high sugar content. But a source we can get behind is canned blue crab. And of course, drinks you make yourself, like tea and coffee, get fluoride from the water you make them with: fluoride doesn’t evaporate when you boil water.

Having healthy gums and teeth can help your blood sugar. With all the sweet things that get passed around over the holidays, fortifying your teeth is really important. Drinking and eating high amounts of fluoride and strengthen your teeth and help you safeguard your teeth against any sweets you may eat soon.

Another perk of drinking fluoridated water is the water itself. Drinking more water is good for your overall health, wellbeing, especially for people with blood sugar concerns. When you have high blood sugar, your body tries to flush it out through urination. That can lead to chronic dehydration. Up to 75 percent of people in the U.S. suffer from chronic dehydration.

All in all, getting more fluoride into your day is essential for your teeth and doing that through water and diet is excellent. With healthy foods and plenty of water, it isn’t hard. And, as we head into the confection-filled holidays, it’s important to take care of your teeth.

Banner image: Andres Siimon via Unsplash

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