Looking for a New Drink? Try Greek Coffee

For many of us, getting away from high-calorie drinks is very difficult. Some research shows that diet soda might not be any better for your health. We all know that water is the healthiest drink to help thirst. But, water doesn’t always hit the spot. While it’s best for quenching thirst, sometimes you crave flavor. We have shared a lot of drink ideas over the years. Today, we’re looking at the benefits of Greek coffee. It could become your favorite.

Greek coffee is excellent for heart health. In a study of almost 150 older adults, coffee was associated with better endothelial function. People who drank Greek coffee had better endothelial function than other coffee drinkers. Endothelial cells control vascular relaxation and contraction and the enzymes that control clotting, platelet adhesion and immune function.

The researchers wrote, “While all types of coffee are a source of antioxidants, Greek coffee contains much higher amounts of cafestol and kahweol, substances that appear to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. An older study had found that consumption of Greek coffee improved the elasticity of arteries in individuals with high blood pressure.”

Greek coffee is boiled, not brewed. This makes a foam on top that is rich and creamy without adding any calories. Boiling the coffee brings out far more nutrients from the beans than filtering. The coffee is also ground very finely, so you get a lot more antioxidants released into your cup. But, the method also makes the coffee less caffeinated.

In Greece, people drink three to five demitasse cups of coffee a day. A demitasse holds about three ounces. It’s not consumed like a Starbucks beverage! Greek people also enjoy their coffee slowly, sipping it at their leisure with friends.

You can make Greek coffee at home. While there are special pots, cups and coffee you’re supposed to use, you don’t have to. You can buy pots, like the one in the banner, online or in stores, but it’s unnecessary. Buying espresso ground Arabica beans works, and you can make it in a saucepan. You won’t get quite as much foam, but that’s the only difference. You stir it just until the grounds are dissolved and then leave it alone. You slowly bring it to a boil until there is a foam ring about the top. Then you serve it in cops and wait for the grounds to settle to the bottom to drink it. While you can add a sweetener if you like, milk is never added — it’s always enjoyed black.

As well as boosting heart health, it has been linked to other benefits. One study linked it to a lower risk of premature death. Another showed it can help regulate hormone levels and blood sugar. Another study found that drinking Greek coffee can temporarily boost metabolism up to 15 percent.

Greek coffee might be right for you if you like coffee and like trying new things. It might not be a great fit if you are sensitive to caffeine. When in doubt, always speak to your doctor, but if you enjoy coffee, try this method and see what you think. Your heart and health may thank you!

Banner image: Nick Karvounis via Unsplash

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