Low-carb Pizza Recipe Ideas for National Pizza Week

We love pizza. Almost everyone does. But folks with blood sugar concerns usually steer clear of it! After all, the crust is carb-heavy. We’ve shared low-carb pizza crust recipes in the past made with coconut flour, cauliflower and even chicken. Today, we’re focusing on fathead dough and great topping ideas.

You’ll find many variations on the fathead pizza dough recipe, but it boils down to four ingredients: mozzarella, cream cheese, eggs and almond flour. Some recipes use garlic salt, some use garlic powder, some use plain salt. We suggest using garlic powder to add more flavor but skip adding salt. We think that the mozzarella has enough salt, and you will add more through toppings. This low-carb pizza crust is, by far, the closest to “normal” pizza crust you’ll find. If you want to make something that mimics pizza, this is your best bet. A slice has 143 calories, two grams of carbs and one gram of fiber.

National Pizza Week starts on the second Sunday of January every year. We like celebrating holidays when we can, and while this could be an unhealthy event, you can pile fresh veggies on a crust! Pizza is a great food to use as a way to eat veggies. While you might not usually be a fan of peppers, there is something different about them as a topping. It’s the same with mushrooms, olives, spinach and more. We typically stick to veggies, but pizza is also great with meat. At home, you can try out whatever you like and have in the fridge; last night’s pot roast can be today’s topping! And with so many combinations, you never run out of options. With plenty of veggies and a mix of meats and cheeses, pizza doesn’t have to be unhealthy!

We’ve suggested feta and pesto pizza before. Pesto is an excellent option as it’s rich in vitamin C and adds some variety to your diet. If you are looking for low-carb white pizza sauces, there are many options available on the internet. This one is highly rated. It must be noted that, while it might be delicious, it is incredibly high in fat and calories and low in vitamins. Generally speaking, white sauce pizzas aren’t a weeknight go-to recipe but more of an indulgent special occasion meal if you are trying to be healthy. If you want a traditional tomato sauce, there are many low-sugar pizza sauces on the market. You can find them on the shelves at the supermarket. Take a look at the ingredient list to be sure you’re happy. You don’t have to make a sauce at home to enjoy a slice of low-carb pizza!

We hope that these recipe ideas inspire you to make a pizza this week. Homemade pizza is so delicious and a nice change of pace. It’s always fun to add new dishes to your repertoire!

Banner image: Saahil Khatkhate via Unsplash

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