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National Park Week Kicks Off with a Free Day

We’re always telling you to get out there! It’s terrific to reenergize your spirit by getting outside. One of the ways to get into the national parks is to visit on a free day. Although they can be busy, it is an excellent way to see some sites that can be expensive usually.

Tomorrow, the national parks are having a fee-free day to celebrate National Park Week. It’s a presidentially proclaimed event that happens every year that we always look forward to! It runs from April 16-24. This year’s theme is “sPark Connections.” We love that every day has its own theme and its own hashtag. That means that, even if you don’t visit, you can enthusiastically join in at home by using the hashtag to share your thoughts. Or you can search for the hashtag to read other people’s posts on the subject!

Our team doesn’t always make it to the parks for the event every year, but we enjoy the hashtags. They’re fun to read through. You learn a lot, read many great stories and see beautiful pictures! We highly recommend it to any fan of national parks, history or nature!

April 16, the hashtag is #sParkDiscovery. The fee-free day is meant to encourage people to visit parks, especially ones close to home that you haven’t seen before. You can discover amazing things in your backyard. April 17 is #sParkCuriosity, and it’s all about how the national parks have inspired creative and artistic expression for decades. #sParkCollaboration on April 18 is about learning more about the people who work with the parks to help them achieve their goals. April 19 is #sParkInnovation, the parks use cutting-edge technology to achieve their conservation, preservation and improve the visitor experience. You can learn more about it that day.

On April 20, #sParkOpportunities is a chance to learn about employment opportunities within the National Park Service (NPS). #sParkPreservation on April 21 will help educate people on the preservation efforts of the NPS. As well as helping the environment, they also work to preserve history and culture nationally and internationally. April 22 is Earth Day, and the NPS is marking it with #sParkAction, a day to reflect on how we impact the environment. On April 23, the theme is #sParkCuriosity. The NPS works to preserve places with fantastic history and unique landscapes and animals; they want to know what you’re curious about. Finally, on April 24, #sParkMemories is all about your memories of the national parks. You can share your fondest memories and talk about what you would like to do in the future!    

We encourage you to get out there and have some fun. But, if that’s not possible, you should absolutely follow along with the hashtags; you’ll have a great week learning more about the parks!

Banner image:  National Park Service

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