New Breed May Put White Rice Back on Your Table

We always say that every food should have a place on your table. You should be able to eat anything in moderation. In all our years of writing this blog, we have made one exception to that rule.

In December 2020, we broke our rule and said that white rice was one food you should skip altogether. It has the same impact on blood sugar as white sugar. And brown rice and quinoa work as great stand-ins, as does cauliflower rice. We said that, as white rice has so few nutritional benefits and such a significant drawback, we suggested quitting it.

It was a hard blog to write! It went against our principles! We believe that a healthy diet is one with tons of variety that you enjoy and can stick to. We don’t think that restrictions are the answer.

Now, breeding has made it possible that white rice might find a regular spot on your table. After years of selective breeding, a team from the Louisiana State Univ. AgCenter has made a new type of white rice called “Frontière.” It has the lowest GI of any rice at 41 instead of 73. And it has 53 percent more protein than standard rice. It’s being grown in Lousiana and Illinois and is sold under the names “Parish Rice” and “Cahokia Rice.”

This new rice has been described as being practically indistinguishable from typical long-grain rice. That makes it a great replacement, especially for people who miss white rice. And the fact that it’s rich in protein is a big bonus. It can also be ground into flour for low-carb baking. The team behind the rice is currently working on another breed that would grow well in California’s climate.

We’re so pleased with this new development. Telling people not to eat something goes against what we believe. Your diet should be a mix of foods, and you shouldn’t be limited in your choices. When you watch your portion sizes and balance your overall diet, you should be able to eat what you want. This new product lets you enjoy rice as a side without thinking about your blood sugar.

When it comes to your diet, you should speak to your doctor about your needs and goals and make a personal plan. But, now that this rice has hit the market, it’s one more option for your dinner table!  

Banner image: Pierre Bamin via Unsplash

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