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Ninety-Year-Old Lady Climbs “Mountain” on Stairs for Charity

We love to start the week with a light piece of news. It eases us back into the weekdays feeling calmer and happy. That’s why we were so pleased to hear about 90-year-old Margaret Payne. Ms. Payne decided to climb Scotland’s Suilven mountain. But she did it differently: she took the stairs.

As Ms. Payne is older, she is at a heightened risk for COVID-19. While she wanted to get some exercise, she also wanted to stay safe. So, she deiced to clime the 2,398ft-high Scottish mountain by making 282 trips of her staircase. ( She wanted to raise 10,000 pounds (roughly 12,400 dollars) for charities. Instead, she has so far raised 419,000 pounds (all most 518,000 dollars.) (

Her adventure has gotten so much attention. That she actually received a letter from Prince Charles, offering his support when she was 30 stair trips from her goal. “The marvellous community spirit, for which Scotland is so renowned, has never been so much in evidence as people across our society have gone the extra mile, have put others first and have sacrificed their own comfort for the common good,” wrote Prince Charles. (

Ms. Payne was she was “so surprised and absolutely delighted,” to get a handwritten letter from the prince. ( She added that the outpouring of support has been both humbling and has given her enthusiasm to get to the “summit” of the mountain. She will be making her final trip on the stairs at noon on June 23. ( She started the climb on Easter Sunday. (

Ms. Payne first climbed Suliven in 1944 at the age of 15 with her sister during World War II. ( But, of course, the view and terrane were very different, and she wasn’t raising money. The money she has raised will go to the National Health Service, the Highland Hospice and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. (

Her daughter, Nicola, said, “Mum has got fitter, she is sleeping and eating well and she has stuck at it.” And, she added, “The whole family is really proud.” (

We’re not surprised her family is proud! She should be proud of herself. Not just for the money she has raised but also for the incredible achievement. We’re always saying on this blog that you don’t need fancy equipment to work out. Ms. Payne has taken it a step further: you don’t need a mountain to climb one!

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