Pomegranates May Aid Weight Loss

Pomegranates are back in season. We love this wonder fruit! We have written about them in the past. They have so many health benefits. Although you shouldn’t eat them if you are on blood thinners or medication for high blood pressure, they can help a wide variety of health concerns. And while they are considered difficult to prepare, if you seed them under water, it’s actually easy.

Pomegranate juice is high in sugar, with 33 grams per cup, but the delicious seeds are rich in fiber that can keep blood sugar stable and feed a healthy gut. Eating pomegranates increases the amount of beneficial gut bacteria that protect against blood sugar concerns, inflammation and metabolic disorders. They are also loaded with healthy flavonoids and antioxidants. Pomegranate juice has more antioxidants than red wine or green tea. While we wouldn’t recommend drinking the juice, we think the fruit is a wonderful addition to your diet.

A new study from Queen Margaret Univ. using pomegranate extract found that it lowered people’s hunger levels, desire to eat and increased satiety compared to people taking a placebo. The 28 people in the study were healthy. It was a small study, but it was controlled. People were given either a placebo or the supplement for three weeks and had a glass of pomegranate juice with breakfast and lunch.

The study recorded subjective values — self-reported hunger levels — and objective facts — how much they ate. People who took the supplement were less hungry, less interested in eating and felt fuller after eating. They also left more food on their plates. Interestingly, despite reporting less interest in eating, people in the supplement group enjoyed the smell of the meals more than people in the placebo group.

The researchers were working with the company that made the supplement. That does always cast some doubt on the results of a study. However, it is a promising study and could lead to more research that they hope could help fight obesity and compulsive eating as well as make dieting more pleasant.

We aren’t sure if one study is enough evidence to push you to start taking a supplement. However, with the proven health benefits of pomegranates, we think you should eat them this season. Because of their high concentration of vitamin K, they aren’t suitable for people on certain medications. But, for everyone else, enjoy them this fall and winter. They might help your waistline and many other aspects of your health!

Banner image: Cup of Couple via Pexels

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