Ring in the New Year with a Hike

This will be the last blog from our team for the year! Neuliven Health’s social media team always takes some time to rest and recharge around the holidays to celebrate Christmas and ring in the New Year. As we are in Southern California, we won’t be seeing family and friends outside of the people we live with. But, we will be taking some time to walk and get outdoors!

America’s State Parks have a nationwide initiative called First Day Hikes that encourages people to get out for a hike on January 1. Last year, nearly 85,000 people participated and took a hike on the first day of the year! Across the country, there are free events and guided hikes. In 2021 it will be a bit different: the groups might be smaller, the hikes might be self-guided, or, in some areas, they may have shifted to being virtual. But the spirit remains. It’s a great way to make a commitment to connect to nature and walk more. Our beautiful country’s parks are places to see wildlife and natural wonders.

If it is safe to do so, we urge you to get out there! You should look at your state’s park website to learn what is open and their rules before heading out. You should also be mindful of what to wear and bring. While we all remember to wear a hat, there are things that most of us forget. For instance, if it’s frigid, you might be bundled up warmly, but you have to bundle up your water bottle too, or it will freeze! And, you need sunscreen: it’s cold, but you can still burn. Also, plan a short hike. The days are short, and you don’t want to be out in the dark when the ground is uneven and possibly slippery. If you have been mostly sedentary recently — which most of us have with COVID-19 restrictions — ease into any new work out routine. A quick and sweet hike will be fun and a great way to kick off your year but one that is longer and harder than you are prepared for might sour you to the idea!

If you don’t live near a park or hiking isn’t your cup of tea, go for a walk. Get out and about on the first day of the year. Start 2021 outside in the fresh air. The Dutch believe that getting outside on windy days is good for you; we are having some blustery weather around the country. Even if you aren’t aiming for a hike, a walk is a wonderful way to get your year started on the right foot.

Image: Nick Bolton via Unsplash

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