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See Wonderful Spots in Washington

We are thrilled to be in Washington state this week! The weather for the weekend seems to be hovering in the 50s, and we can’t wait to see the sights! Well known for its gorgeous vistas, beautiful evergreen forests and Puget Sound, we can’t wait to breathe the air and have fun. We decided that, for this trip, we’re avoiding Seattle. The famous city has many things we want to experience, but we want to explore the rest of the state.

We plan on rolling into the state in the morning. We’ll be hungry for breakfast, so we’ll stop to see the world’s largest egg in Winlock. At 12 feet long and weighing 1,200 pounds, it’s a little large for our breakfast! The town is one of the biggest producers of eggs on Earth and has a festival to celebrate: Winlock Egg Days, complete with a Queen being coronated. But how do you cook the world’s largest egg? In the world’s largest frying pan, of course! Located in Long Beach, this self-proclaimed “world’s largest” has some competition. However, the other pans vying for the title haven’t been used for cooking, which this one has! Wanting to enjoy the coastal setting, we’ll head to South Bend, the Oyster Capital of the World. There we will enjoy some delicious fresh seafood and see the world’s largest oyster! After all that, how will we get the leftovers back to the car? In the Big Red Wagon — a giant playground sculpture of a Radio Flyer. Then, wanting to see one last roadside sculpture before taking in more serious things, we’ll head over to the town called George. As one would expect, a bust of Pres. George Washington greets you as you pull into the delightfully named town!

From there, we are heading to Soap Lake, a lake with supposed healing properties. The water is so clear reviewers suggest bringing a snorkel because you can see everything under the surface. Obviously, at this time of the year, we won’t be taking a dip, but a walk on a beach is always pleasant. If we want to get wet, we’ll go to the Olympic Hot Springs, which have water that’s 105 F and has lifeguards. We want to see the famous Tree Graveyard in Forks, a beautiful beach covered in bleached trees with phenomenal views. Young adults and teens in your group may want to explore Forks — the town where the Twilight was set. The town has Twilight tours, themed motels and more.

Finally, with the holiday season now upon us, we’ll stop off at the Leavenworth Reindeer Farm. It’s a great chance to feed and stroke some of these gorgeous creatures. And, at this time of year, you can get an excellent picture of the kids with Santa! It’s a perfect gift for family or to keep for yourself — a memory of a trip to a great state!

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