Walmart to Host Drive-in Movies

We like to start the week on a high note whenever possible. There is so much bad news bogging us down. Throughout the week, we share valuable information as well as tips to stay healthy and protect yourself. But, to ease back into the week, it’s nice to share some happy news.

If you have been longing for entertainment and are sick and tired of avoiding the whole world, some news out of Walmart may perk you up. Working with the people behind the Tribeca Film Festival, Walmart is opening drive-in movie theaters in 160 of their parking lots. Despite the artsy partner, the movies they are showing aren’t things from art houses. They plan on showing movies like Back to the Future, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Space Jam, Talladega Nights, the LEGO Movie and other fun, summery films.

Many small businesses are also creating pop-up drive-ins. We love supporting our local businesses. Google can tell you if one has popped up near your home. Local movie theaters that have closed to protect people have been putting up makeshift drive-ins to gain some revenue while not opening their buildings. If you can go to a local one, we encourage that, it helps keep money in your community and aids your local businesses and neighbors. But, with 160 screens, the Walmart option may be more accessible.

The movies will be showing in August through October, and Walmart plans on having more than 300 showings. If you need snacks to enjoy a movie, Walmart will be doing curbside pickup for you to order food ahead of time. There’s no word yet about how the drive-ins are going to work. Can you leave your car to visit the restrooms or do you have to stay in the car for the whole film? Is there admission, or does Walmart expect to make money off snacks and drinks?

Many of us have fond memories of going to the drive-in when we were little and sitting on the hood of the car to watch. They’re mostly part of the past, while a few have remained open, they functioned more on nostalgia than necessity. Now, they are the only way most of us can enjoy the big screen. It would be amazing to share the experience (even if it’s from different cars) with our children and grandchildren. In the middle of dark times, this could be an experience to look back on as a fun event amid the pandemic.

Walmart promises surprise celebrity guests. We suspect it will be things like videos of Keanu Reeves introducing Bill & Ted, or something of that nature as the celebrities won’t be able to visit every parking lot. They are also offering a digital summer camp for kids.

We hope that, wherever you are, you are finding ways to enjoy the summer. Older people and people with health concerns are avoiding crowded spaces. Enjoying a movie from your own car could be exactly the ticket to a little fun and relaxation!

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